A meaningful life is about how you impact other people’s lives, and how much your engagement in life satisfies your needs and benefits your society. It’s no wonder that most people usually search for jobs that have a meaning beyond their job titles.

Even when you work in a corporate, whose priorities might not be changing people lives to the better, you can always find your way to have a social impact through what you do in your day-to-day job. Along your journey to find, create, or cherish the social impact of your daily tasks; you may find it useful to get some help to deepen the meaning of your career mission.

Work Intentionally

If you are working in a business or NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that has a social impact, you don’t have to exert an effort in finding the meaning behind what you do. Though, you might need to look into what you feel towards your daily tasks. Dig deeper into your “why”, make a list of the things that connect your very personal values to your organization/company values and mission. Match your values with what your organization/company does, so that you know that every single task you do at work, no matter how mundane it is, is helping you achieve your mission at the end.

Example: NGO

If you work an accountant in an animal welfare NGO, your job might not be direct with animals or their issues. In fact, your work is related to budgets, financial analysis, numbers, excel sheets, and revenues. Finding meaning for your job is not about your tasks but in the mission of the entity that you work for.

The numbers and accounting themselves might have no apparent social impact, but your work makes the organization healthy enough to operate and achieve its mission.

عايز اغير العالم

Job: Accountant
Organization: NGO whose work is all about animal welfare
Personal Values: Helping the less privileged
Organization Mission: Helping weak animals (among other values)

Count your blessings

The social impact of your job might not be that clear, especially if it is not an NGO sector organization, If you dig deeper into your company mission, you will find the social impact beyond your job title.

Even all-for-profit businesses have a social impact, through their services. Helping customers have better service, creating convenient solutions to social problems, and producing better products; all are social impacts.


  • Careem is helping thousands of people find a convenient, safe mean of transportation.
  • WUZZUF is helping hundreds of thousands of professionals find jobs.
  • P&G creates a countless number of products making their customers’ life much more comfortable.
  • IKEA provides simple easy to assemble furniture.
  • Forasna helps hundreds of thousands of blue-collar technicians find jobs efficiently.

All are apart from all of these companies CSR programs or projects.

You don’t have to create a NEW impact to feel that your job is meaningful and fulfilling socially. You can first search thoroughly at your current position; how through your career you are impacting other people’s lives. After all, it doesn’t have to be a huge impact, it just has to be meaningful to you.

Social Impact your way

If you are reading this section and you still didn’t find the social impact beyond your job title, you have to work it!

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Maybe you see your career not helping anyone but you –no shame in that by the way. Perhaps your job can help you have free time, so you can have the spare time and effort to create social impact. Here are some inspirations & ideas you can use, and they are not organization/business dependant:

  • Be a mentor: If you have the expertise, help an intern or a junior with potential and share your life-long career lessons with them.
  • Share your knowledge: Give sessions, conduct hands-on workshops, and share your knowledge with others in your field.
  • Volunteer: It doesn’t have to be a charity to volunteer. Lend a hand to a co-worker or participate in organizing a social or business activity that is out of your job description.
  • Give constructive feedback to your colleagues and subordinates.
  • Guest-blog: Share your career experience through articles and blog posts on your social media accounts or one of the business blogs. And hey, you are welcome to write here.

Last Words

There is no shame in having a job that – in the end, doesn’t have a broad social impact. If you feel like you need to find a social-impact job or shift your career to a more socially attending fields, you can follow Non-Profit Organization job posts on WUZZUF. Just make sure you update your profile, so your application can get a higher chance.

There is always a room to find and create social impact out of your career. It’s a strong motivator that pushes helpers to go forward in life.