How I got my job in a few weeks


Before telling you about my experience, I’d like to make sure that we’re on the same wavelength. If you agree with the points below – continue reading; otherwise you can exit this page ‘cause you must think I got my job through sheer luck or previous experience. Let’s go!

Yes or No?

  • Most probably nothing will happen unless you invest effort, time & faith in it and yourself!
  • Companies in Egypt have unfulfilled demand for employees!
  • There are lots of jobs that require experience, but lots of job that do not!
  • There are lots of job offering good salaries, and lots of others that don’t!
  • It’s not always easy to get a job and it shouldn’t be: good things don’t come easy anyway!
  • People always complain about not being able to get a good job – but even if they aren’t able to get one, you can!


Finding a job is a job!

Someone wise told me this, and I applied it to my job hunting mission. First I asked myself “what is a job?” It is an activity you do, are committed to, and will receive something in return for.

Here we go – I set a simple plan which was mainly about the following points:

  • What job preferences am I looking for?

– Company industry

– Job field

– Location

– Salary range

– Working environment

*Of course there are many other points you could consider

  • Where will I search for jobs?

– Job fairs.

– Websites of interesting companies (TIP: you can send them emails even if             there are no jobs published)

– Ask people who I know for available jobs in companies they work for.

– Recruitment websites.

– Social media (Linkedin, Facebook pages, groups & hashtags, Twitter)

*You can find more options, but these were the options I considered in my             plan.

And I began my new job (finding a job); I woke up, I started seeking and applying for jobs, I gave myself a break, went back to job hunting, and finally I stopped when I spent a certain quota of hours or when I couldn’t find any more suitable jobs for me.

Not to mention that each offer I applied for took effort and time to read the requirements, fill an application, or write a cover letter.

After few days I started receiving calls even from companies I didn’t apply for. I didn’t refuse any interview, whether the job was interesting or not.

A few weeks later I got a few good offers, plus a few others that didn’t suit my needs.

I accepted the one that suited me best; it came through one of the recruitment websites.

That’s it 😀

In a parallel universe

I may not have gone through all this, and could have just opened that recruitment website by chance one time the day that job was published… I would apply for it and guess what?! I believe I wouldn’t be accepted. Why? Because there wouldn’t have be enough time nor effort invested.

So always remember that (most probably) nothing will work unless you put effort, time & faith in it and in yourself!

Wish you much patience :)


2 Responses

  • Souma on August 7, 2015, 07:26:55

    i enjoy reading your articles. However, this one finding a job seems very optimistic. I have a friend who is unemployed for 4 year. Very good, professional, experiences and have integrity, yet, no job. never once. It’s luck my dear and conncetions. That’s all. Here in Egypt and sometimes outside. I wish you respond too.

    • Shady Mokhtar on August 10, 2015, 17:40:48

      I will talk about Wuzzuf as an example, there are around 60 new jobs posted daily on the website, candidates can apply and get hired, no connections needed and no luck. If someone will search in other channels he will find hundreds of jobs daily.

      If your friend is doing good in finding opportunities and still unemployed for 4 years, I would guess that he is doing something wrong.

      I wish him better luck anyway if this is the problem.