The Secret Recipe to More Employee Referrals

Having happy employees means an increase in employee referrals. Here are the four simple steps that will increase your employee referral rate.
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4 Tips to Make Your Internship Program Great for You and Your Intern

Concerned about designing your next hiring plan for your interns. Here are how to make…
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CAF in the Workplace: Here’s How Football Mirrors Great Workplace

CAF is here. Let's celebrate the great impact of football by drawing some parallels between…
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How to Negotiate Salary: 8 Proven Tips to Do it Right

"What's your expected salary" is everyone's most tricky question. Here's how to act next time you have to negotiate your salary.
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7 simple ways to improve your emotional intelligence

You’re in a race and someone hands you a bag, you look inside and find…
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Work Like: WUZZUF’s Waleed El-Ramly

Meet Waleed El-Ramly, Chief Marketing Officer for the MENA hiring platform, WUZZUF. Learn how he…
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