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  • Ahmed Yehia says:

    Very good article it’s really motivated me a lot.

  • motaz says:

    because i know how to communicate with human which is the hard trade in the hole world .

  • Mahmoud Bakr says:

    This article is right so far
    in personal I never thought to join any sales force 6 years ago I was prefer the indoor vacancies I was ready to ready to work for lower salary indoor rather working for larger amount outdoor as a sales rep.
    this year I have started to work as an outdoor Sales representative to discover that I will get the same amount I used to get paid in the indoor outlets I used to work for.
    my advice for the young people who influenced with the stereotype of the sales man in drama to forget about those actors in madmen and wall street drama with their expensive suites and brands white-collar shirts .
    all you need is a clean shirt and large amount of your product awareness