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The life of sales professionals can be quite hectic; from keeping track of multiple accounts and communicating with an array of clients to trying to close deals, there’s plenty to get done in the sales world. If you work in sales, these 10 apps are must-haves for better productivity.

1. Hubspot Sales

Available for: Google Chrome

Hubspot Sales, one of the well-known tools, allows you to keep track of your prospects and customers’ behavior from Gmail. You receive real-time notifications the instant your lead opens an email, views an attachment, or clicks a link.

Key advantage: It enables you to connect with leads, track sales process and close deals faster from one central database of your contacts.

2. HelloSign

Available for: Desktop

Arguably the best e-signature tool in the industry, HelloSign allows you to close agreements digitally and have up to 20 different people sign a document. When the document is fully executed, every party finds a copy in their inbox. The tool integrates team management features, flexible workflows, and bank-level security to give you a safe, simple, and clever experience.

Key advantage: It’s compatible with Gmail, Google Docs, OneDrive, and Evernote, which allows your clients to sign using the platform they prefer.

3. Expensify

Available for: Desktop

Expensify automates the whole receipt and expense management process. It uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to automatically read and code the receipt details after you snap a photo of it and then adds it to an expense report that can be automatically submitted, approved, and reimbursed.

Key advantage: It saves 83% of your expense-tracking time.

4. ClearSlide

Available for: Desktop

ClearSlide is a web-conferencing tool that lets you create personalized online meeting experience with your clients including content sharing with annotations and comments. This way, you will keep your clients engaged for better sales conversion.

Key advantage: It provides actionable content insights, delivers customer trends and shows the progress of deals.

5. CamCard

Available for: Android / iOS

Do you constantly misplace important business cards? CamCard allows you to take photos of them and then automatically saves the contact information to your phone.

Key advantage: It manages your cards by organizing them, adding notes, and sharing them with other people.

6. Infer

Available for: Desktop

Infer is a unique predictive-first platform that helps you get more customers by using data science to quickly identify your most promising prospects, building targeted segments, and personalizing your outreach.

Key advantage: It uses predictive scoring to create smart profiles for each of your leads to help you see where the most potential lies.

7. Dragon Anywhere

Available for: iOS

Dragon Anywhere is a perfect on-the-go productivity tool. It catches your voice memos and turns them into professional documents you can edit, format, and then share with anyone, anywhere.

Key advantage: Its fast dictation and high-recognition accuracy save you tons of time during your sales process.

8. Doc Scan

Doc Scan screenshots from the App Store.

Available for: iOS

Doc Scan transforms important paper documents into digital copies after you snap photos of them. It’s a great scanning tool for busy workdays.

Key advantage: It turns paper documents into high-resolution PDF and PNG files without any hassle.

The sales process is complex and time-consuming, and that’s why productivity apps are an excellent way to make the process more efficient and your life easier.

CRM app (#9 to #13)

If your company uses a specific customer relationship management (CRM) system, you should definitely get its mobile app so you are not tied to your laptop. All good CRM systems have good apps. If there is no specific system, you can use one of these excellent choices:

  1. Hubspot CRM: Manages contacts, deals, and sales tasks from a solid foundation that works for a business of any size.
  2. Salesforce: Accelerates productivity by allowing you to focus on what matters most in your sales process.
  3. Bitrix 24 CRM: Manages and stores an interactive contact base that’s integrated with your current tasks.
  4. Zoho CRM: Provides intelligent insights you need to close smarter and faster deals.
  5. Podio CRM: Tracks leads and sales in a lightweight, beautiful-looking, and collaboration-friendly platform.
The sales process is complex and time-consuming, and that’s why productivity apps are an excellent way to make the process more efficient and your life easier.Click To Tweet

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