On Sunday, the 24th of June, WUZZUF partnered with Quora to hold the second Quora meetup in Egypt. With 50+ attendees, the event was very successful in establishing nine Quora circles in different fields; namely, Business and Career, Start-ups, Engineering and Programming, Philosophy, Learning and Teaching, Literature and Languages, and Psychology and Relationships.

We have talked with some participants who attended several circles along the event day, and here is what they thought of the event.

Mahmoud El Magdoub, a Quora event organizer, introduced us to the idea saying:”Quora meetup week is a yearly event held in many cities all over the world.” After the massive success of the first Quora event held in November,  Mahmoud El Magdoub, along with other seven volunteers, decided to organize another meetup that includes active Quora members to ensure that all the discussions are fruitful, and all the participants can share and enrich their knowledge, which is one of the main objectives of Quora meetups.

Discussion in one of Quora circles

“As Quora is now expanding the language versions, they want to build a base for Quora in MENA region before investing in the Arabic version,” said Wassem Ahmed, Quora Event Volunteer. He elaborated people will always want to put a face on the account they are following on Quora and sit face to face to hold a discussion. He ended his words with: “As a Quora user, it is interesting that quora have some presence in Egypt.”

Aya Alaa Eldin, 22 years old, came from Luxor in a nine-hour train trip to attend Quora meetup.  Aya was so excited to participate in a quora meetup event, just like the ones have been happening all around the world. She added “I started to search and ask on Quora more than before. It is my alternative search engine now.” Currently, Aya is trying to identify the areas she is passionate about to kickstart her career, so she was very excited to participate in the Career and Learning Circles.

Quora circle

Kareem Atef, 20 years from Assiut, is a second-year student at Assiut University. He moderated the Engineering and Programming circle, and it was his first time to moderate. “The event was an opportunity for me to build connections with and get introduced to people with different interests and personalities, who are interested in the technology as well.” The Technology circle was so unique as it had the highest number of high schoolers in the event. Kareem also participated in the Startup circle, and he got answers to what he was thinking about through the discussion and sharing experience from the other participants.

Quora moderator

Ahmed Meselhy, a recruiter who moderated the Business and Career circle, shared his views on the event: “As a recruiter, I believe that to succeed, you have to build a strong wide network in many fields. This event helps undergrads and highschoolers network and get more insights on different topics, which will later enrich their careers.”

We at WUZZUF are always supporting meetups. Partnering with Quora is always an opportunity to express this message stronger.

Even if you missed it, here are the highlights of the Quora day:




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