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With vacations season, we all think of the beach and how to take the opportunity to have a break from work, but why not rest and use the time for learning as well? You can take a course or two to learn a skill that can up your career game or satisfy the curiosity in you. Whatever the skill you choose or you are motivated to learn and perform, your brain will thank you.

In this list, I’ve accumulated diverse mobile apps you can use to push your learning progress this year and make sure your resolution won’t fail down the line.

New Languages

Learning a new language doesn’t only help you watch movies and read books in their original language, but also learning a language will help you deepen your brain connections and create new neural pathways that will make you smarter.

  • Duolingo

It’s a well-known app, that will help you through levels learn how to speak, read and write in any language. Through gamification, you will be motivated to complete levels and collect lingots.

Available for: Android / iOS

Subscription Plans: Free (with ads) / 125 – 180 EGP /mo. (Ad-free version)

  • Memrise

On Memrise, you learn to write, speak and listen on Memrise through flashcards of relatable references and real-life situations. The big addition is that educational content is divided into courses like arts & literature, math & science, professional career topics, entertainment, and trivia.

Available for: Android / iOS

Subscription Plan: 32.17 EGP for 1 mo., 66 EGP for 3 months, 104.12 EGP for a year


Coding, testing, software engineering, and data science are some of the highest demanded jobs out there. Data science is now the sexiest job according to Harvard Business Review. These jobs are on the rise and will continue to be in the upcoming years. Put yourself in the future market map and enrich your tech and analyzing skills through these apps.

  • Udacity

Udacity is a well-known MOOC with certified programs provided by the market leaders like Github, Google, Facebook, Amazon to name a few. The platform offers courses in various fields, but they are leading the software engineering courses field with their partnerships with technology creators. Imagine you will be taught about Google technologies by Google employees.

Available on: Android / iOS

Subscription Plan: App is free, the courses/tracks fees vary from course to another.

  • LRN

Learning to code shouldn’t be so hard, and needs to be more convenient. LRN app gives you the chance to practice coding on mobile with multiple options so no autocorrect will stand in your way.

Available on: Android (soon) / iOS

Subscription plan: App is free, tutorials are free. Complete courses cost $2.99 or $0.99 per module.

Affected by the inflation and the dollar exchange?
Good news! If you can’t pay for any courses or want to get certified in an advanced course on Coursera, Udacity or many other tech-MOOCs, you can apply for NTL scholarship (New Technology Leaders), it covers the course fees, and provides orientation, offline mentored study groups, and weekly projects.

Increase your IQ

Ever felt that you don’t get to challenge your brain really or that you want to be smarter? These apps will make your brain work more for you and gain more cognitive skills. It is like a brain workout.

  • Lumosity

Lumosity is an app that gathers science-based gamified exercises you perform on a daily basis, after a personal assessment and progress tracking. The app founders teamed up with cognitive psychology researchers and game developers, to create an easy fun experience that will teach your brain to work better.

Available on: Android / iOS

Subscription plans: Free (with limited access to exercises per day), 214 EGP/mo., 1,074 EGP (1 year), and 1,611 EGP (2 years).

  • Brilliant

Your brain is always challenged by what you have to take time and energy to solve. This app introduces you to multi-level math and science problems and riddles that will help you enhance and level up your problem-solving skills and logical thinking. Problems work your brain and push its limits. So, if you loved math, science, or puzzles, this app will be so much fun for you.

Available on: Android / iOS

Subscription plans: Free, 70 EGP/mo., 420 EGP (1 year, at a rate of 35 EGP/mo.)

  • Curiosity

Not all that makes us smart is what we can do with our brain, but also what we recall of the general knowledge and knowing weird facts, debunking myths, and how the world works. This app sends you a daily notification with a bunch of weird stuff you might be curious to know about. In various fields, there are no limits. I actually wonder how these guys create that much of really good and weird content, that frequently. If you are feeling curious, you definitely should check it.

Available on: Android / iOS

Subscription plan: Free

With this list, there are no excuses, you don’t have to lose your vacation. Learn on the go!
Are there any apps you think should have made it to this list? Tell us in the comments.



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