Recently we’ve partnered with Nile FM to offer answers for the most viral topics about career shifting, job hunting and “from where should I start” question. WUZZUF Wednesdays is on “The Morning Show with Mark and Sally” hosting our  WUZZUF coaches every week, to talk about everything that may cross your mind when it comes to your work life.

If you missed it, it’s completely okay, since we got your back highlighting all that has been covered by WUZZUF coaches.

Ep1: How to find the right job

Started on August 29. Rehab Afifi, our career coach, and facilitator, she talked about “how to find the right job”. She also talked about how tough is the game happening between fresh graduates and the job market. Rehab opened the escape door for people who don’t know how to.

Escape with an expert, press the button and give it a listen NOW.

Ep2: How to evaluate your current job

Went next was Amgad El- Sakaa, our career coach and assessor, he lighted our eyes on how one can evaluate his job. We’ve all been in that moment where we stop for a second and question our jobs.

Let Amgad help you at that moment and hear what he got.

Ep3: What career shifters need to do

Evaluated your job? Didn’t seem satisfying? Aiming for a career reconsideration? This episode is for you.

Amira Amin, our career coach, and assessor explained that career shifters must adopt the mentality of understanding that the place where they are unhappy can transfer to another where they’ll be happier.

Ep4: How to overcome career shifting challenges?

Now, To kick-start that shifting step, you must know the detailed process of it. It’s not easy! It comes with a company like feelings, extensive researches and a lot of events. Yosra Nasrat, our career coach and trainer widened up about the obstacles and how to overcome them.

Ep5: Applying for a job? Here’s everything you need

The job application process topic is one of the most important topics to talk about. Rehab Afifi asserted that it is a long process to be sitting around waiting. It is challenging, demotivating and may get on your nerves.

Cheer up and hear what Rehab said at “The Morning Show” about that.

Ep6: Is something wrong with your CV?

The worrisome of all times when it comes to applying for jobs. Yes! CVs. Our coach Amira Amin talked about how to make your CV stands out. It’s a piece of cake only if you knew the YAYs and NAYs of a perfect CV. Grab a pen, and tune in.

Ep7: How to nail your job interview? 

Received a call for a job interview? Good! Let’s calm down and nail this. Amgad El-Sakaa provided some tips to ace your interview game on the last Wednesday on “The Morning Show”.

What you should prepare yourself to? What you should say when you get there? Amgad will get you covered. Figured it all out from A to Z.

Lastly, We at WUZZUF are very happy helping out through an important Radio Platform like Nile FM. You might call and meet our coaches anytime you want for CV & profile review, career coaching or interview coaching.



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