Every great online service requires you to create an account and go through a signing up process. Some processes take a few minutes and some get more complicated when you need to add a lot of information.

Creating a profile on WUZZUF has never been easier! The website is developed to make the process light and pleasant, but at the same time, updating your profile with precise information lays the essential keystone in finding the right opportunity that you deserve.

It’s not about your CV anymore!


The overall Profile Meter that appears on the right of your Explore feed represents how complete your profile is, and shows you little tips on how much the meter increases by filling in missing information or by updating current ones. 

“But wait! I can just upload my CV instead of all this hassle, right?”


If you just upload your CV, companies will still only learn basic information about you, because they don’t get access to your CV until a much later stage.

So make sure you this keep in mind:

  • The first thing the employer does is to check your application and profile.
  • And then they take a decision, which is to either shortlist or reject your application.
  • If they then decide to Unlock your profile, they’ll have access to your contact information and uploaded CV.

You can learn about how companies pick candidates on WUZZUF in more details here.

Explore endless relevant opportunities

WUZZUF edge is that it pairs you with job opportunities that precisely match your interests. When you go to your Explore feed, you will find a continuous stream of opportunities that are specifically chosen for you, based on the career interests, skills and experiences you have entered as your profile information

So if you want the opportunities you receive on Explore to be more relevant, that is your cue to update your profile information. That is why we advise that you make it a monthly habit to make sure that your career interests are up to date, for an optimized WUZZUF experience.

You can learn about how you can use the Explore feed to boost your career here.

Get ahead of the competition

Updating your profile will always get you one step closer to the right job. With more accurate details on your profile, companies can learn more about how relevant you are to the job you’re applying for. You’ll also have a higher Matching Score, which calculates how right you are for the job you applied for based on how your skills and experience match the job requirements requested by the company.

Get the right Job Recommendations

We recommend jobs for you that are tailored to your expertise and preferences that are sent directly to your e-mail. But our ability to do so depends on you completing your profile and updating your Career Interests. That’s where you talk about what you’re looking for. Make sure you’re accurate in adding the salary you’d like to receive, the position you’d like to have, and the job role that suits you most. The more relevant the information you provide, the better Job Recommendations you receive from us.

Share your profile with the world and let it notice you

Having an updated profile with relevant information increases your chances of being headhunted by employers or invited to apply to certain job vacancies that they see you fit in. That is why you should make sure that your profile is visible and that you “let companies find you on WUZZUF”.

The best thing about a WUZZUF profile? It’s not just a WUZZUF profile. It’s an online resume that represents you. Your profile speaks about you professionally, providing employers with all the necessary information for them to make a decision about how suitable you are as an employee in their company. Along with the visibility feature, you can also choose to make your profile public and share your Public Profile anywhere online by adding its link. This way you get more exposure and companies get to see what you have to offer.

You are recommended to toggle on these two exclusive features found in your Career Interests tab.


Now you know how important it is to complete and update your profile! Update it now and get ready for your next job hunt.

Update Your Profile NOW!



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