Was your job hunt unsuccessful? With 9000+ open job vacancies on WUZZUF, in different fields of work for different career levels, you are bound to find job opportunities that precisely match your interests, skills, and experience. You can search between these thousands of opportunities, but realistically, you cannot go through them all. This is where this article comes in handy.

What you have below is your guide on how to efficiently search for opportunities on WUZZUF, how to ace the application once you find an opportunity that you deserve, and finally, how to track the status of a job application.

Exploring opportunities

Updated profile = accurate recommendations on Explore

As opposed to the many job search websites, locally and internationally, WUZZUF utilizes a smart algorithm that pairs you with opportunities that are tailored to your interests.

This system functions best when you regularly and precisely update the information on your profile, whether that’s adding a new skill that you’ve acquired or changed your career interests. The more precise the information is, the more accurate the job recommendations you get. For example, instead of just writing that you’re interested in ‘marketing’, change that to ‘digital marketing’, so that WUZZUF’s algorithm further filters the vacancies to what you’re interested in.

After you’ve taken a good look at your profile and you’re satisfied, you will find that your
Explore feed has been updated accordingly, to provide you with accurate career opportunities – ones that are based on the information you’ve entered on your profile.

So our advice? Let Explore be your first and most important destination when looking for the right opportunity; and in order to optimize the feed’s recommendations, keep it a monthly habit to update your profile in terms of changing, adding or deleting necessary pieces of information.

Search & filter

In case you still think you want other opportunities presented on your Explore feed and you like to do things your way, then the search bar is the alternative! Enter a keyword (example: web development) in the search bar, and you’ll find all the vacancies related.

But that’s not enough, though. In order to optimize your search to find the right opportunity between the numerous ones in the search result, use the filters on the left column to narrow the resulted opportunities down to the most personalized to your needs.

You’ll find that you can filter the vacancies based on the area, job role, job type, industry, career level and dated posted. Choose locations where you wouldn’t mind going to work at every day, and filter by industries that matches the company culture you’d like to be a part of. If you’re an experienced professional, search between experienced, non-managerial vacancies – that way you’re more likely to be accepted to the jobs you apply for.

Acing the job application

Be a picky applicant

If you’re the kind of person who randomly and collectively applies to every vacancy you come across hoping that this will increase your chance of being accepted to at least one of the many..stop! Contrary to popular belief, this actually has an opposite effect. When you apply to many job opportunities that do not precisely match your qualifications, your matching score as an applicant decreases and you could be rejected.

How is the matching score calculated? WUZZUF’s system checks how relevant your profile information (career interests, skills, experience) is to the requirements of the job, each time you apply to one. So if you’re an entry-level professional, but you apply to senior level jobs, your matching score decreases. Likewise, if the job requires someone with designing skills and you have listed Photoshop and Illustrator on your profile, your matching score to that vacancy increases and you’re more likely to be accepted in it.

You know how they say that it’s about quality, not quantity? That’s exactly the technique you should follow when choosing what you apply for on WUZZUF. Be selective, choose precisely and read the job description well to check if you’re up to what is required.

Answer screening questions like your career depend on it

Believe it or not, but employers spend an average of 9 seconds only checking out each application; and what is the first thing they look at? The screening questions! So really, your answers have to impress the employer.

What distinguishes one applicant from another is how they answer screening questions, and what they say. That’s why you should avoid making your answers cliche or overly sophisticated; but instead, keep them unique and be smart about the message you choose to deliver. Having a relevant answer also plays a part in increasing your matching score for the job; thus increasing your chances of acceptance.

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Track your application

What’s your status?

If you go on the “Applications” tab on top of your WUZZUF page, you’ll find all your submitted applications to job vacancies and the status of each one of them. Once you apply to an opportunity, employers can view your application then take an action based on how far you fit the vacancy. The following is an explanatory list of each possible action:

  • Viewed: The employer has taken a look at your submitted application but has not taken any action yet.
  • Rejected: The employer has not chosen you for the position, and could provide reasons for such an action, like being unfit or that your answers to the screening questions were not good enough.
  • Shortlisted: You, and others, are being considered; but there will be a further assessment to see if you’ll be accepted or rejected.
  • Contacts accessed: The employer has asked to get access to your phone number and email in order to contact you regarding the vacancy you applied for.
  • OK (You may fit): You are being considered for the position.

How can you do better?

The “Applications” tab is not merely a list of your submitted applications; there are features you can utilize to be a better applicant, and your statuses for every vacancy you applied for can give you an insight on how to improve yourself in the future.

Here are a few tips and tricks:

  • On the top left corner of each application box, you’ll find the option to withdraw your application as long as the employer has not viewed it yet and it hasn’t been a long time since you applied. If after having submitted the application you realized that you do not match the job description, it would be a wise decision to withdraw it in order to prevent yourself from being rejected. Or simply, you changed your mind about wanting that job opportunity.
  • In the same options’ list, you can also choose to modify your answers to the screening questions after having submitted it, as long as your application is not yet viewed by the employer. Think of this as being granted a second chance. You can still save your life!
  • You can view your answers to most submitted applications. So if you were rejected to a certain opportunity and you want to better understand why, you can review the answers that you have given to the screening questions and try to see how you could have answered better.

By now, you should be on your way to becoming a guru in surfing WUZZUF and getting the opportunity you deserve. Just make sure that your profile is updated and start Exploring!



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