During your life course, you have definitely created tens of profiles to sign up on different websites. On WUZZUF, creating a profile is mandatory before applying to any job opportunity, but that’s not the only function it serves. Having the ultimate profile facilitates the process of searching for a job. Every piece of information you put in plays a role in finding the right opportunity, so you have to make sure you really know what you’re doing.

Your WUZZUF profile helps in showcasing your skills and expertise in a functional layout that appeals to the employer checking you out. Filling every field increases your profile strength meter; and filling every field accurately and correctly increases your chances of finding opportunities that match your interests and capabilities.

This article is going to take you by the hand on how to fill each field with the CORRECT information to get you to kickass.

Ready? Set up your profile? Go.

1. Signing up with the basic information

Once you go on, you’re already a step into getting the opportunity you deserve. You’ll be welcomed with the above screen when you choose to “Join Now”; and since you’re a professional, click on “searching for jobs”, fill in your basic information and Join WUZZUF!

2. What are your “Career Interests”?

The sign-up process is divided into 3 sections- the first of which is your “Career Interests”. The accuracy of this section is crucial in getting relevant job recommendations on your homepage and to your email.

  • Minimum Salary:

Writing down the minimum salary that you would accept in a job eliminates the appearance of vacancies that offer less than what you ask for.

  • Career Level:

Choosing the precise career level that you hold helps in finding you job opportunities that are within your experience. Make sure that you are self-aware with where you stand in the workplace because it is not well-advised to look for managerial level opportunities if you are not yet experienced for such positions, for instance.

  • Job Type:

You can choose more than one job type that you are willing to have, but you should still be accurate with your choices – if you cannot fulfill 40 hours of work per week for example, then do not agree to full-time opportunities and choose part-time or freelance opportunities instead.

  • Job Role:

Adding more than one job role that interests you opens to you a variety of opportunities, so the ideal number that we advise is 2 or 3 roles. However, adding a lot more than that will make your job hunt vague and imprecise; since you wouldn’t really be narrowing down your interests and you’ll be getting random recommendations.

  • Job Title/Keywords:

In this field, you are advised to add more than what you added as Job Roles; we recommend  around 8-10 job titles or keywords. When what you added matches what the employer required in the job description, your matching score to that job opportunity increases and your chances of being accepted increase.

  • Profile Visibility:

By toggling on the “Let companies find me on WUZZUF” feature, employers can find your profile through the search bar and headhunt you for a specific job opportunity if they find you suitable, or if our recruiters handpicked your profile as a recommendation to employers for certain opportunities where they see you fit.

  • Public Profile:

Having your profile as public allows you to use your WUZZUF profile as an online resume that you can share on different social media platforms, so that employers off WUZZUF can check you out. Downloading and attaching your CV file everywhere is unremarkable; you can now send the link to your WUZZUF profile to showcase yourself.

3. General information about yourself

This contains the basic information about yourself including your address, your email and your number. When you apply for a job opportunity and an employer unlocks your contact information, this is the what they’ll use to contact you.

unlock: when the employer requests access to view your contact information
  • Make sure the email and phone number you put in are viable and you can be reached through them.
  • The city and area that you choose as your location will help in filtering job vacancies so that you receive opportunities that are closer to you as first priority. (You can add additional cities and countries you would like to work in once you’ve completed your profile, through updating your career interests)

4. What’s your professional experience?

  • Entering the number of years of experience you have helps in distinguishing between jobs that demand little or no experience from others that require a certain number of experience years.

To get the employer to know about what you have worked as, list and describe the relevant jobs that you have previously employed. The more relevant experiences you have to a specific job opportunity you’re applying to, the higher your chances of being shortlisted by the employer.

  • When you get down to adding the languages that you know, make sure that you do not overrate your level in a certain language; because if necessary, it is going to be tested by the employer.
  • The last field you have to fill in your professional information requires that you add as many skills as you can (but actually have). These skills will act as keywords in your profile that tell the employer a quick overview about you and your capabilities.

Tip: Don’t try to fill in the field with random and common skills like “Google Search, Internet, Social Media” nor with work fields like “Human Resources, Engineering”. The skills that you add should be reflected by your work experience and relevant to it.

An Updated Profile = A Successful Job Hunt

No matter how often we advise you to regularly update your WUZZUF profile, it can never be enough to stress its importance. One of the most effective actions you could do when possible is to add, remove or edit any piece of information in terms of your career interests, skills and experience, to get your profile to be fresh and up-to-date.

When you update your profile with precise information, our system directly matches you with job opportunities that are relevant to you; and it allows employers to make a valid hiring decision based on your actual capabilities.

Let people find you!

Stay visible to employers

One of WUZZUF’s most notable features is that it is not just a one-way interaction. Just as you are job hunting, employers, alongside our team of recruiters, are also hunting for candidates. If you have the visibility feature toggled on, your profile can be found by employers or recruiters who are searching for candidates that match the description of relevant, open job vacancies. Great, right? So even if you missed seeing a matching opportunity on Explore, there’s a possibility that the opportunity will find you.


Go public!

It is time to move on and let go of your CV. Instead of uploading a CV file everywhere, your WUZZUF profile acts as an online resume that you can share everywhere off WUZZUF, such as on social media platforms. By doing so, employers will have a refined display of your skills, experiences and interests, and can immediately contact you and make a hiring decision based on your profile.

That is why, even though it is not mandatory, we are actively encouraging you to “let employers find you on WUZZUF” and to “make your profile public”.


Once you jave loaded your profile with relevant information and have followed the previously mentioned guidelines, you can brace yourself for an intriguing job hunt; because you are now set and ready to kickass!



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