RiseUp is an entrepreneurial event that brings all the regions’ communities from the MENA region and even broader, connecting all threads together in one place. The event is happening every year at the heart of Downtown Cairo, and now known as the most high powered and virally sweeping summit.

WUZZUF partnership with RiseUp 18’

  • We have been partners with RiseUp for 5 years now. And this year we’re up to sizzling activities as thrilling and vibrant as ever.
  • As 2018 edition of RiseUp is gearing up to hold and consolidate a powerful and impactful event. We’re, WUZZUF, gearing up for our one of a kind impactful event “Talent MatchMaking” too.

When and where?

Come and Meet us in Downtown Cairo, the Greek Campus at Uber Eats office. On Saturday the 8th of December.

What is WUZZUF Matchmaking

The Startup Talent MatchMaking event is a win-win situation where startup founders, senior executives, and directors connect to embark an inspiring journey together.

The event provides beneficial opportunities, paving the way and connecting the suitable network simultaneously.

In the past years, 100+ startups and 450+ professionals participated all in one place seeking various segments. Check out what happened, last year, 2017.

Who should attend

Senior executives who are:

  • Senior executives and managers with significant experience in startups, multinationals, corporates, management consulting and/or other leadership roles.
  • Experienced professionals with great achievements in technology, design, product management, or business development (e.g. marketing, sales, customer service, finance, … etc).
  • MBA graduates from leading national and international business schools.
  • Young professionals with exceptional talent and passion for entrepreneurship.

Startups who are:

  • Founders and senior executives at growth-stage startups, seeking to hire key players and senior management members.
  • Founders of early- or idea-stage startups, seeking to fill key positions or find co-founders.
  • VIPs/special guests, seeking to hire senior executives for their Venture capital(VC).

VIP/special guests:

  • This year we’re working to have a different wide spark and scale. So if you are an investor or HR manager/director in a VC seeking to hire senior management or key positions for one or more startups at your company. WUZZUF is here for you! This year we’re happily welcoming venture capitalists(VC) on board as VIPs/special guests

Hence, If you’re seeking to hire as a founder or HR of a startup you can register here. If you’re seeking a senior managerial/executive position or confounding as a professional you can register here. Don’t miss it out. It’s only 7 days away

What benefits you will gain

We guarantee you would find unexpected opportunities.

Senior executives:

  • Widen your network: We designed the event to help you network with the right people. Talk genuinely, share authentically, and be yourself. Communicate on a personal level first to connect on a professional one.
  • Choose your zone: RiseUp is BIG! The place is split into segmented zones (e.g. marketing, finance and accounting, technical and software, … etc). Choose the right zone for you, and stay rested, startup-founders will approach the segment zones in orderly.
  • Save time: Make use of your time and focus on your goals from the matchmaking event, if you feel that you need to change your plans according to a new interest in some startup or a business, go ahead and trust your gut.  


  • Hiring shortcut: Important positions need special requirements and capabilities. Good candidates are not easy to find. At the B2B Matchmaking event, you might be meeting your next team.
  • Critical networking opportunities: Startup CEOs and executives of startups are in a constant reach-out for investors, pitch opportunities and mentors. This event will do the job.
  • Save time: Instead of going on long aimless meetings, the MatchMaking program will encourage you to make the best use of your time so you can pursue more opportunities.

How to prepare yourself

To get all the benefits out of a big event like RiseUp, you have to go prepared. There will be more opportunities than you think, you don’t want to miss them. Here are some tips for both senior executives and startups.

Senior executives:

You can visit us here, search and check the attending startups and prepare whom you want to approach. Here are tips that will help to make your B2B matchmaking meetings and choices extra successful:

  • List your prospects

After checking the attendees and their businesses. You’ll find some interest in certain brands. List them all, these are your best target.

  • Prepare a high-end pitch

Initial meetings and talks leave a certain impression behind. MatchMaking is a great opportunity you don’t want to leave for luck to handle. Rehearse well and craft several pitches suitably.

  • Focus on what’s common

Exchange ideas, experience, and watch the ice melt. Small-talk at RiseUp is always big-talk!

  • Ask important questions

After talking with any business side, prepare some questions to ask and figure out are they standing on the same ground as yours? What problems they usually face? What market are they targeting? The past numbers and achievements? The long-term accomplishments? Ask yourself, Can you help? Are you willing to join?


It’s your chance to go wild with all the opportunities out there.

  • List your prospects

Determine what roles you need to fill, what teams you need to build in the upcoming phase. Check professional profiles on the website, and keep an eye on the ones you feel will fit the criteria you need for the job. The dynamic matchmaking process is now even easier, that it will make this whole process smoother.

  • Prepare an attracting business description

It’s important to tell your startup’s story right, rehearse a short pitch with attractive content and flow. Mention your potential goals and advantages like the company’s culture, place, workflow, or standard of stability

  • Don’t cut the opportunities halfway

You might meet someone who won’t fit perfectly in the job you need now, but they will fit perfectly in a role you will need later. Actively listen to what’s beyond the pitch.

  • Ask important questions

Search for professionals who share your brand vision and your team culture. Ask about their past professional experiences and why they are willing to join a startup.

How to buy your ticket

If you didn’t buy your ticket yet, you can buy your ticket from here.

Prepare yourself for a spectacular agenda. Make the best use of RiseUp18!



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