If you don’t know what’s WUZZUF Wednesday is, it is a weekly radio interview on NileFM, in which “The morning show” Mark & Sally meet one of our coaches. We have finished season one earlier, and here is what you missed in season two.

This round we’re trying to spread awareness about hotly debated topics that often confuse and divide every job seeker and employee out there.

In order to keep you updated on all things career-related that our coaches have been addressing. Here are our coaches’ latest episodes hosted by Mark and sally on the morning show.

Ep8: Why your application cost you the job?

The round started with Yosra on November 14th sharing some tips and tricks about the application process. The process of hiring can be brutal but if only job seekers knew how to handle it well. Spelling mistakes, ignoring the screening questions (filtration method)and irrelevant answers are huge turn offs to employers. Yosra got you covered with all what you need to be careful about.

Ep9: Why do your learning plans fail?

New career paths? New job requirements? Need to learn new skills? Offline or online… the internet is actually more than enough and it is more advantageous if you’re learning according to your pace. How to set your learning plans step by step and achieve them.

Our career coach Yosra Nasrat has talked about that step in details.

Ep10: Can Deadpool and professor Snape work on the same team?

Would you rather work with Deadpool or professor snape?

It is obvious that professor Snape, an introvert and Deadpool, an extrovert won’t get along in one place (unless one of them is adapting some emotional intelligence skills). “Snape sees Deadpool as a careless person and Deadpool ends up being scared to talk with Snape”. Noone initiating a discussion will lead to an unhealthy work environment. On how to deal with every person around, have a dynamic and high self-awareness. Hear what our coach Amgad El-Sakka has to say.

Ep11: Are startups better than corporates?

With the crowdy furious/vivid competition happening on the job market’s ground nowadays. It’s hard to decide which one is better; startups or corporates?

Last episode Our career coach team leader Rehab Afifi talked about the struggle of choosing between highly involved culture and a small team(STARTUP) or with less involvement contribution following specific strategy and hierarchy(CORPORATE)?

Taking you through it all. She stated all the advantages and disadvantages. Listen up to the episode below and discover your proclivities!



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