You have them at every..single..meeting.

You’ll find a distinct characteristic staring you in the face for each person in meetings – a quality as clear as day that you can recognize them with.

We’ve compiled to you a list of the most common and humorous types of people you find in meetings that you’ll definitely relate to, as yourself or as people you know.

1. The Coffee Addict

“I drink coffee for the good of everyone around me.” is something they’ll say. They cannot survive without caffeine in their system so they always walk nonchalantly into the office with a coffee mug in hand, or they have to excuse themselves in the middle of the meeting to order a double espresso shot.

2. The Late Arriver

It’s become a trademark of that person to just burst late into every meeting, no matter what time you set it to; and a good 10 minutes goes into calling them to remind them that you’ve started. When they finally grace you with their presence, they’re all over the place; so you spend another 10 minutes recapping them with what they missed.

3. The Teacher’s Pet

They’ll say whatever pleases the manager. Whether they do it because they actually admire the boss or because it’ll get them the promotion they want, you find the teacher’s pet always agreeing to everything their manager says or sticking up to them in every situation.

4. The Joker

With a speed of 3 puns per minute, you find the joker always trying to humor everyone in the meeting room, to the point that you just want them to stop. Yes, it’s refreshing to lighten up the serious mood every now and then, but sometimes you just have to get on with the meeting points.

5. The Nomophobic

“Wait, let me Instagram that.” You’ll find that person always on their phone – responding to their WhatsApp chats, Instagramming a moment or tweeting about how annoying the coworkers are. So unsurprisingly, they spend the meeting eyes locked on the screen, sometimes inattentive to what’s being said.

6. The Best Friends

They’re always sitting together, gossiping and laughing throughout the meeting; and even when you separate them, they would probably still be texting each other across the room. Surrender, just surrender.

7. The Hungry One

You suddenly smell chicken ‘shawarma’ or hear the crunching of a bag of chips from somewhere in the room, because there’s that one person whose stomach is always rumbling, and needs to be fed constantly.

8. The Silent One

You don’t even notice their presence because they don’t participate in any discussion, to the point you think they don’t even understand what’s going on…or that they understand too much. Like they say, “beware of the quiet ones”.

9. Mr. Know It All

They just have to comment on everything being said and show off their knowledge, no matter the topic being discussed. Even if it’s rocket science, they’ll throw off a did-you-know fact that they probably looked up 5 seconds ago off Google.

10. The Skeptic

“No” is a frequent word that they throw at every suggestion or idea proposed. What do they say in return? Nothing. They just like to argue for the sake of arguing, without presenting an alternative idea or a solution; so you end up empty-handed and frustrated as ever.

11. The A-Student

AKA the note-taker. They probably sat in the first rows at school, writing down everything the professor said; so during the meeting, it’s a rule of thumb that they will be the ones to take notes and send the agenda once the meeting is over.

Which one are you? Can you recognize your coworkers in these characters? Mention them, or challenge them to find out which ones are they.




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