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At the end of every December, we like to look back on the year that ended and analyze its happenings; cherish the good moments and learn a lesson or two from the bad ones.

Looking back on WUZZUF blog stats for 2018, we explored the posts that interested you the most as readers and gathered them all in one article so that you could get the maximum benefit.

Here are the top 10 articles that our readers enjoyed the most this 2018.

So now we know that everyone has CV-writing problems!
Our most-read article this year was a list of mistakes our career coaches found while reviewing CVs of people of all experience levels. It explores some obvious inaccuracies that people still repeat over and over, and some tricks that you might not be aware of, that could be a deal breaker to the employer reviewing your CV. If you want a new year resolution, read this article and promise yourself that you won’t redo these mistakes while updating your CV in 2019.

When it comes to how much annual leave you’re entitled to or how many working hours you’re obliged to commit to, the law becomes interesting enough to be informed of. Until the law undergoes a complete renovation, the information in this article will still be a valid resource you could always come back to in the upcoming years. Find out if your employer is fulfilling Egypt’s labor law efficiently, through this article.

The highlight of 2018 for WUZZUF was Unlock. This marked a milestone in which WUZZUF became not just a recruitment platform, but also every talent’s career destination. The article describes the new features and how you could well use every function to filter and find the opportunity that you deserve.

If you sometimes wonder how successful people got to where they are today, then you would definitely enjoy this series of articles. Work Like explores how they work, and what they do to stay on top of their game. Read how Yasmine Helal’s workplace looks like, what she last read and what her morning routine is through this article, and follow the similar Work Like interviews for entertaining yet educative content.

It’s not very common for someone to leave a technical field like engineering and become a brand & communication manager less than a year and a half later. If you’re thinking about making a career-shift, get some inspiration from Nour Eldin’s success story in this top read article.

A good movie and some popcorn are how you should spend a weekend sometimes. This article combines a list of movies that discuss the dynamics of the work life…just in case you miss work on a Friday night, maybe.

Unsurprisingly, this article was popular, because who wouldn’t want to get the maximum days off throughout the year? With a month-by-month vacation guide visualized in the article, you will get some tricks that you can use in 2019 when you want to take some days off.

Do you promote the employee who’s been in the company for 7 years, or the top achiever who is going beyond targets for months now? This tough call was very popular given the controversy it raises; so whether you’re a manager that’s looking for some advice, or you’re seeking a promotion yourself, this is quite an interesting read.

In this read, we’re taking you behind the scenes of the hiring process. You hit “Apply” on a job opportunity, and hope that the employer contacts you sometime soon; but the process is a little complicated. To get some insight on what you can do better in your next application, experience how the employer opens WUZZUF through this article.

Things get a little..out of hand when you don’t check your email inbox for a couple of days, or if you’re a very busy person. In this frequently read article, we’re providing you with some cool tools that will help organize your inbox so that urgent matters are known and prioritized. Make sure you save this article as a resource you could get back to when you want an interesting read, and subscribe to WUZZUF blog to get everything right to your inbox!



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