Work won’t go anywhere, but your annual leave credit must be well-planned.

Out of the 365 days, the Egyptian labor law only permits employees to 21 days of annual leave (or 30 days if you have worked in the company for 10 years); so given the insufficiency, we are bound to find our ways to get more days off throughout the year.

Like last year, we’ve created for you the ultimate vacation guide that will help you get the maximum days off with your annual leave during 2019.

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4th to 7th:

Take a long weekend off since the Coptic Christmas is on a Monday this year. Enjoy the holidays. Celebrate.


The 8th memory of the January revolution will be on Friday this year, amid the weekend, so, unfortunately, there are no extra days off. If we get lucky, though, the day might be compensated by having Thursday or Sunday off; fingers crossed!

→ 1/21 days used, a total of 6 days off

annual leave credit jan


We regret the lack of public holidays during these two months; so aside from the weekends, you have to get through the work days. Stay strong and work hard.

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25th to May 4th:

Easter! You can get a good 10 days off by exploiting the three holidays together.

Sinai Liberation Day will be on Thursday 25th, Easter will be on Monday 29th and Labor Day will be on Wednesday, the 1st of May. So you can use only 3 days of your annual leave credit to take the entire week off and enjoy a good vacation on the beach or with your friends and family.

→ 4/21 days used, a total of 16 days off

annual leave credit april may


May 31st – June 8th:

Eid el Fitr will start Wednesday the 5th, so if you take the three days before it from your annual leave credit, you’ll enjoy two weekends and an entire work week off. Spend the last days of Ramadan and celebrate Eid with your loved ones and forget your work tasks for a while!

27th – 30th:

The 30th of June revolution lies on a Sunday, so taking Thursday off as well will guarantee you a long chill-out weekend.

→ 8/21 days used, a total 29 days off

annual leave credit jun


19th – 23rd OR 23rd – 27th

Since the holiday of 1952 Revolution Day will be on Tuesday 23rd, you have the option of taking days prior or after to get a five-day vacation in July.

→ 10/21 days used, a total of 34 days off

annual leave credit july

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August 9th – 24th:

Mid-summer! It’s the perfect time to get an extended vacation and head to the coast!

Since you’ll already have nine days off in August during Eid al-Adha, we suggest you take a week before or after that to extend it to a whole 16 days off to get the maximum vitamin sea this summer.

August 30th – September 2nd:

The first of September, Sunday, will be the first day of the Hijri new year, so you can take Monday off as well and enjoy a long weekend.

→ 16/21 days used, a total of 54 days off

annual leave credit aug sep


3rd – 6th:

Relax and take a long weekend off from Thursday to Sunday using only a day of your precious annual days credit, since the 6th of October is the Armed Forces Holiday.

→ 17/21 days used, a total of 58 days off

annual leave credit oct


7th – 10th:

This is a long month and vacations have been shortening since the summer; so take a long weekend off as Sunday the 10th is the Prophet’s birthday, and it’s going to be the only holiday in November.

→ 18/21 days used, a total of 62 days off

annual leave credit nov

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24th – 26th OR 29th – 31st

It’s the end of the year, and you now have 3 days left from your annual leave credit. If you celebrate Christmas on the 25th, then take the 3 days around it off to have some fun. Otherwise, you can take the last three days of the year off and plan a trip abroad to spend new year’s eve and new year’s day somewhere far, far from here.

→ 21/21 days used, a total of 67 days off

annual leave credit dec



From 21 days of annual leaves only to 67 days off. The more, the merrier!

Our 2019 takeaway for you is the following vacation planner. Save it and keep it somewhere close to your reach so that you could notify your manager about your days off beforehand.



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