It must have been disappointing to realize that your last year’s resolutions have fallen behind on your list of priorities. But the good news is you still have a chance to make them true this year. Let’s be realistic, though. If you want to have satisfying outcomes, you need to identify your time wasters, efficiently implement time tracking, train your habits, and hence boost your productivity.

Wondering where to start? Check out our goal-oriented guide to the best time and habit trackers in 2019.

Best time tracking applications for personal use

Deceivingly simple and ultimately brilliant, Toggl is understandably one of the most popular time-tracking tools. All you have to do to use it is click “start” at the beginning of the task you want to track and then stop it when you’re done. That’s it. You then get visual reports with valuable insights and budgeting tips.

Key advantage: Seamlessly integrates with more than 100 web tools through browser extensions so you can use it in real time from any device on any platform.

TopTracker screenshot from website.

TopTracker, which is specifically designed for and by freelancers, is an individual-friendly time-tracking tool that lets you see all your projects through an easily digestible centralized view.

Key advantage: Gives you complete private control over what you keep track of and how often you do, along with screenshots or webcam shots.

Hours is a beautiful and straightforward time-tracking tool. It’s excellent for personal use because its clean-cut visualizations and running list of timers make it easy for you to focus on time tracking alone.

Key advantage: Is smart, pretty, and intuitive, which makes it among the few time-tracking apps that are enjoyable to use.

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Best time tracking applications for teams

Everhour screenshot from website.

Everhour has multiple benefits in addition to its effortless time tracking. It lets you keep track of your projects’ budgets by costs or hours spent and creates highly customizable reports and accurate invoices.

Key advantage: Is a time-friendly productivity booster that lets you track your team’s progress through a clean-cut dashboard and detailed summary emails you can receive every week or month.

Arguably the best time-tracking app on Android, Hubstaff is a perfect collaboration and productivity tool for teams. It provides time tracking (including leisure time) for all your team members, monitors their app and internet usage and activity levels, and takes screenshots of logged time. It even includes automatic payroll.

Key advantage: Is a great productivity booster for managers who want to actionably track the progress of their team members.

ClickTime is an excellent budgeting tool specifically built for managers, team leaders, and project owners. It creates effortless time sheets that help you keep track of your project budgets so you can adjust them based on performance

Key advantage: Creates insightful reports that make it easy for you to manage budgets and plan your team members’ time.

Best project management applications 

TImely is a beautifully designed time-tracking app that simultaneously works as a great task manager. It turns your calendar into a time-tracking mission. It lets your schedule become your timer and works in the background, so you don’t have to keep checking it every once in a while.

Key advantage: Works with high efficiency and saves you a lot of the time you would usually spend on a time-tracking app, in addition to creating to-do lists that help you stay organized as you track your tasks and projects.

Tick screenshot from website.

Tick, which is a project-based time tracker with strong reports and real-time budgeting, is great for project management. This is because it operates with time cards where you’ll find details about your tasks and not just the logged hours.

Key advantage: Lets you create recurring projects, so you don’t have to worry about repetitive tasks and offers plans based on projects, not team members like most apps.

A great project-management tool that tracks the time of every task you do, Paymo is a unique time-tracking app because of its inclusion of advanced task-management tools such as Gantt Charts and Kanban Boards, real-time task comments, and automatic team scheduling.

Key advantage: Constitutes a multifunctional tool that makes your team’s life much more productive and easier to manage.

Best habit tracking applications

This app is based on the motivation technique adopted by the US comedian Jerry Seinfeld: “Don’t break the chain.” With its simple interface, you will easily set goals and track the progress you make in each until you get them ”done.” This tracker motivates you to maintain your new habits with its clean-cut widget showing all your goals in different colors, motivational journal, and customizable reminders.

Key Advantage: Is a lightweight simple-designed app, where you can track not only the good habits you build but also the bad ones you give up.

This app provides three main services, namely a free habit tracking service, along with two other paid personalized coaching services. However, the habit tracking service has multiple coaching features with the community that support and check on one another and share proven ideas and experiences. will also encourage you by sending high five after every milestone you achieve, along with built-in weekly and monthly reports about the progress you made.

Key Advantage: relies on the power of the community, which makes users more accountable to achieve their goals, rather than mutable reminders.

This app establishes a unique identity among all other tracking applications, turning your habit list into a role-playing game. Habitica works as an excellent task management and habit tracking app through two main tracks; namely, repeated tasks (your habits) and one-time tasks (your traditional to-do list). Habitica motivates you to build habits with quests, rewards, and punishments as if you’re truly playing a game. 

Key Advantage: makes your planning funnier and more motivating with its game-like system, fitting the ones who quickly get tired of planning or following some routine.

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Best invoice creation applications 

Harvest is armed with a simple, hassle-free interface where invoices are calculated through the actual time you’ve been working. It also gives you real-time access to time tracking and allows you to make accurate estimations about your future budgets and plans based on insightful data.

Key advantage: Provides likable timesheets with a simple, beautiful, and efficient interface.

Paydirt screenshot for website.

Paydirt lets you organize projects and tasks and track time per client. It makes invoicing easier and allows you to create invoices from your logged time, edit them visually, and send them by email with customizable templates.

Key advantage: Tracks time smartly with great features for teams and integrates online payment.

An award-winning time-tracking tool that creates invoices, counts profitability, and helps you stay on top of your projects and tasks. Timecamp is excellent for teams who work with clients.

Key advantage: Is excellent for tracking billable time and the profitability of your projects.

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New year start always inspires us to make big courageous decisions, yet sometimes we fall behind our plans along the way. But such apps will help you stay connected to this year’s goals and make them true before 2020.

Have you time and habit tracking applications before? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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