About three months ago we, WUZZUF, have partnered with NILE FM to give you WUZZUF Wednesdays; for a weekly radio interview with one of our WUZZUF Coaches every Wednesday from 9:20 am in “The Morning Show With Mark and Sally.”

Previously on WUZZUF Wednesdays, the coaches discussed various topics like How to evaluate your job in season one and Personality types at work in season two. Check them and tune in every Wednesday for more.

Our latest episodes in season three:

Ep12: Seeking a successful job interview? Here’s your 4 step guide for one.wuzzfu wednesdays season 3

It’s not difficult to land a job if you know the patterns a company follows and needs. Amira Amin, Our career coach, talked about what a general interview and technical one requires. Hear Amira’s guide to an easier less stressful job hunting.

Our career coach Yosra Nasrat wrote a helpful article about How to make sure you are going to nail your next interview. Check it out now!

Ep13: Don’t feel like working today? Again? Let Amgad tell you why.wuzzuf wednesday season 3

A lot of people suffers from loss of motivation and feeling like they don’t fit in at their workplace. Could it be the environment? Lack of skills? Or having a micromanaging boss?. If you’re seeking satisfaction, Happiness, and suitability while committing and being in a job Know all the Whys and hows with Amgad El-Sakaa, Our career coach.


Ep14: Do your 2019 goals include expanding your professional network? Then you’re hearing the right episode!

Having a cardholder stuffed with business/personal cards and full storage of contacts that you never actually contacted isn’t really networking. Amira Amin pointed out what it is to network and how to do it well. Hear her out and achieve your goal skillfully.

Ep15: Recruit right, grow fast.

The hiring process is filled with a lot of confusion. Employers tend to focus on skills while it’s all about values. Skills can be taught and gained by time. Values are inherent. Yosra Nasrat, Our career coach, discussed the whole importance of values and how to hire the smart way. Acknowledging what’s beyond your job title and values are something to put among your top priorities. Listen and find out how!


Finally, Check out WUZZUF Coaches’ website in its new format and don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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