Have you ever crafted a CV from scratch, sent it to every company’s inbox whenever you could, and waited impatiently for someone to respond? Ever lost your dream job because of your CV mistakes?

According to our Career Coaches, if your CV isn’t six-second worthy, it will get tossed. Preventing that from happening is not rocket science and #AskYosra has got you covered.

#AskYosra is a series of career coaching hacks and tips for you to ace the process of hunting and landing a job.

The sixth season of #AskYosra is titled “CV Mistakes” and here’re the episodes:

CV Mistakes: Professional experience, How to write it in your CV?

Your CV is your ticket to get an interview and recruiters are the conductors. Filling your CV with winning details is a MUST, especially when it comes to your work experience section. According to Yosra, this is the section that affects the hiring decision the most. In this episode, Yosra lets you in on insider tricks to impress recruiters with your work history.

CV Mistakes: How important is “Objective” section in your CV?

Rule number one when writing your “Objective” section is: do NOT copy and paste objectives like “seeking a challenge in a well-established organization”! Recruiters have read this a million times already. So what should you write in this section then? Check out Yosra’s tips in this episode.

CV Mistakes: Your skills, How to write them in your CV?

Including that you’re a “team player” or “can work under stress” in the “Skills” section is yesterday’s news. So how can you showcase your skills in a way recruiters can’t help but be impressed by? Yosra recommends highlighting more than just the skill itself. Listen to what she has to say here.

CV Mistakes: Your courses, How to write them in your CV?

The “Courses” section can make or break your CV! It can show how self-motivated you are or completely backfire. How can that happen? This is what Yosra spoke about on this subject.



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