Egypt Career Summit is the 1st and biggest career advising event in Egypt. The event will bring 250+ top professionals and experts in different career tracks all in one place for two days straight. And this is your chance!

You ask, What’s next? We say, come meet us at Egypt Career Summit 2019. This is our second year in a row as a strategic partner, and we want to help you with more than just finding a job. That’s why we’ve prepared this big wave of activities. And this is where you can read all about them.

The countdown is on to Egypt Career Summit 2019! Prepare yourself and memorize our calendar well 😉

WUZZUF’s main stage talks

Talk 1

This talk is all about remembering WUZZUF’s first steps. CEO Ameer Sherif will talk about WUZZUF’s fundraising journey from bootstrapping to Series B in nine years. He will also be focusing on the key tips and learnings of when to start fundraising your business, tips on raising from friends, family, and angel investors, and much more. When it comes to entrepreneurship, this is the talk you don’t want to miss!

Talk 2

Why do you wake up every day? How do you enjoy life? And what’s your ikigai? Mourad Salih, WUZZUF’s product marketing manager, will take the Egypt Career Summit 19 main stage to talk about the journey of exploring your ikigai, how he himself found his deep passion for marketing and advertising, and how he first stepped into this world.

Talk 3

What’s happening in the Egyptian job market? You don’t want to start job hunting without this info! Our career coach Amgad El-Sakka will fill you in on everything you need to know, like how many vacancies companies are seeking to fill, the average number of applicants competing for them, and heaps more.

Talk 4

Our famous career tips and mentoring series #AskYosra will have a live episode on the main stage. Yosra Nasrat, the series host and one of our career coaches, will be there to answer all your career questions. From job hunting to how to ace an interview, she won’t leave a question unanswered. Go ahead and ask an expert. #AskYosra! And don’t forget to leave your questions for her here.

If you have any career-related questions, just post them HERE and Yosra will answer all your questions live on stage.


This year we’re participating in and moderating these panels:

Startups vs. corporates

When starting your career, you will face the dilemma of “startup or corporate?” This is more than just choosing between two working environments. Come hear what our CEO Ameer Sherif has to say about this to figure it all out.

Talent acquisition

Finding and hiring the RIGHT employees can take time and be hard. This is why Shady Saleh will be moderating this panel about the process of looking for talents and the criteria you should set when searching. If you’re hiring for your company, you don’t want to miss this panel.

WUZZUF Fireside Chats

Don’t miss the unique atmosphere of our fireside chats this year where we will be discussing some hotly debated topics like B2C and B2B sales.

B2C vs. B2B sales

How are retail (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) sales different? How are they similar? What do you need to start your journey as a business developer? How can you study the sales funnel and know your audience well? 

Join WUZZUF’s Business Development Manager Ahmed Desouki when he answers all these questions and more in this fireside chat. And don’t forget to ask him all the questions on your mind.

WUZZUF Workshops
  • Your career plans

Don’t know where your career is going? Then you need a plan! When it comes to your career goals, things don’t always go your way. And that’s where our workshop by career coach Rehab Afifi will come in. She is going to tell you all about the outlines you need to stick to when it comes to setting career plans.

  • Your CV

If you’re like me, you probably just want to run away as fast as you can when you hear the word CV. It’s a very important, yet confusing, part of job hunting. To this end, coaches Amira Amin and Rehab Afifi are set to answer all your questions. From what to write and what not to write in your CV to how to highlight what you’re good at, our coaches will be cover all the critical issues that have to do with writing your CV and your job search strategy.

  • Your interview

The interview phase is where you must leave a memorable impression and prove that you’re the ideal candidate for the job. Even the most qualified professionals face challenges in mastering their interview game and answering tough questions. So in this workshop, coaches Yosra Nasrat and Amgad El-Sakka will be covering the most challenging interview questions and giving you tips on how to impress any interviewer with your answers.

You have two days chock-full of goodness ahead of you. And you’ll find us everywhere around. We can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for you. It’s the best time to be a professional and we at WUZZUF are pleased to be by your side.



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