Summer. It’s quite possibly the best time of the year for taking a sunny, sand-filled vacation here in Egypt. With two major beach destinations—the North Coast and Red Sea—we are not lacking in beautiful getaway destinations. We all need time to disconnect from work to maintain a healthy work-life balance. One of the most satisfying feelings is putting an Out of Office (OOO) status message right before you ride off into the sunset.

Here are 11 of the best tweets about being Out Of Office for you to draw inspiration from.

1. For those of us who can’t wait to start the vacation


2. That one person who is prepared for anything


3. For those who have their priorities straight


4. This OOO reply is the gift that keeps on giving


5. The OOO reply that fulfills our love of emojis


6. The feeling you get when your vacation starts


7. For the person who doesn’t want to be contacted…ever


8. For the one with the unapologetic attitude


9. For those who dream of never-ending days of summer


10. And, here’s the drama-queen version


11. For those who have much time on their hands


Share with us in the comments what your out of office reply will be for the upcoming holiday season.



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