Congratulations, you landed the job! Or should we say condolences? You went through the interview process, you were excited, but now it’s just not what you expected it would be. The worry shifts from finding work to feeling sick to your stomach that you might now be stuck at a job that you know isn’t right for you, and you want to quit right away. 

It’s better to leave sooner rather than later, for both you and the employer. Being unhappy at work often means not giving it your all which is detrimental to your mental health and happiness. Realizing it early is a respectable trait. It benefits no one when you are unhappy and therefore unproductive so your employer will appreciate your honesty. 

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Regardless of why you want to quit—you see your job as a bad fit, you have a toxic boss, or have a better job offer—you should aim to make a clean exit. 

Resign from your new job gracefully

Avoid burning bridges. It’s best to meet and explain the situation in person, rather than email. Before you give your formal resignation letter, you should explain in the most tactful manner, why you are leaving, especially after you both spend so much effort in the hiring and interview processes.

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Be clear and direct, but also don’t come off as “better than thou.” Come off as honest and apologetic for any inconvenience and explain why this decision would be better not only for you but for the company overall. If you are a wrong fit for the job, you have a moral obligation to let them know before wasting both of your time, money, and resources. 

Give proper notice

It’s custom in countries like Egypt to give at least two weeks to one month’s notice before leaving a company. You should offer, if possible, to stay until the company finds and trains a replacement. This helps the company remain efficient and operating during that time. This is a good option for you to use this time and remain employed while looking for another job. 

You might be asked to stay

In some cases, you may be asked to reconsider and stay. Ask yourself before you have that honest talk with your boss whether there is anything the company can do to change your mind and make you stay. Either way, have an answer prepared in the event that there is some pressure and request to reconsider. 

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Don’t be hard on yourself

Don’t beat yourself up. It’s a tough call to make, but ultimately it is your life. You are free to choose and pursue what is best for you. However, you can use this experience as a lesson in the future. Reflect and really consider all angles of a new job before accepting it. Think of specific questions you can ask in future interviews that might prevent this from occurring again. 

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