It can be challenging to know when it’s time to switch jobs. It’s easy to miss the signs. We tend to fall into complacency when our job meets our basic needs. A job search seems like such a big undertaking when we are stuck thinking, “It’s not that bad.”

We should always strive for excellence and advancement in our careers. We often fall into the trap of saying to ourselves, “I know this isn’t the best job for me, but at least it’s a job, and it’s keeping me afloat.”

But how do you know that the job you currently have no longer helps you grow? WUZZUF will help you figure it out. Here’s how to tell if it’s time to switch jobs.

Have I Learned or Done Anything New in a While?


When work becomes mundane and routine, it is common to feel like you’re in an emotional rut. By nature, human beings are made to overcome struggles and are driven by a sense of accomplishment. Psychology Today states that there is a link between low educational attainment and boredom. In turn, boredom is predictive of loneliness, anger, sadness, and worry.

When you aren’t learning anything new, you are more prone to being unhappy in the workplace. If you find yourself unmotivated most of the time at work, it may be time to seek new opportunities.

Have I Been Promoted?


Your pay, as well as moving up in your career, can be a good benchmark to determine whether you should stay at your job. Consider whether your compensation is enough to make the job worth it after factoring in your cost of living.

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Of course, you shouldn’t rush into wanting to move upward. If you have only been working at a job for a year or less, then it’s typical that your position and pay will be the same a year later. However, if you have spent two years or more at the same company and haven’t seen any increase in pay or received any opportunities to get promoted in the organization, then you may be in a job that is a dead-end for upward progression.

Is the Grass Really Greener If I Switch Jobs?


Many times people incorrectly assume that switching jobs will make them happier. In reality, it won’t. Consider whether your dissatisfaction at work is internal or due to the work and environment. Ask yourself, “If I do make a change, will my unhappiness follow me?”

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“If your current job bothers you in any sort, don’t rush to jump ship. Instead, you need to know why it does. Take some time to figure out the source of your dissatisfaction. Do you actually want to switch to a whole other career? You need to raise your own professional self-awareness above all else,” said Amgad El-Sakka, WUZZUF Career Coach. To make sure you’re really going to a better place if you switch jobs, you first have to know the specific reasons why you want to leave. If you can pinpoint something specific, such as your manager treating you poorly, being bored at work, or having unbearable co-workers, then it may be time to update your CV.

Finally, ask yourself whether the job aligns with your overall career goals. If you ask yourself these questions and find that your current job has no potential for moving forward, it may be time to make a change. Find your next job on WUZZUF.

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