Each year we like to recap on all the workplace stables and trends you shouldn’t be missing out on by bringing you a list of the most read articles of the year. 

Looking back on 2019, we found that these 10 articles were really hyped up throughout the year, take a quick look and tell us which was your favorite!


Want to know why your employees leave? The game is changing, employees demands now are more conscious, a generous amount of financial compensation might not be all there is to keep them around.  One of our top performing articles this year dug into that topic hard, analyzing findings about employees’ choices when it comes to leaving or staying at a workplace. 


When it comes to how much annual leave you’re entitled to or how many working hours you’re obliged to commit to, the law becomes interesting enough to be informed of.  Although this piece was written in 2018, it still tops this year’s list.

Until the law undergoes a complete renovation, the information in this article will still be a valid resource you could always come back to. Find out if your employer is fulfilling Egypt’s labor law efficiently, through this article.


Nowadays it seems like 1 out of every 3 friends of yours works in this “Marketing” industry. Is it all fame, money and play? What is suddenly drawing so many people to the marketing jobs? Read all about why you should work in marketing here.


Emotional intelligence is an in demand skill for anyone in today’s workforce, but it can seem a bit daunting. To acquire it you only need earphones, a notebook, Plutchik’s wheel of emotions and 6 seconds on the clock. If this still makes absolutely no sense to you, check out this article and get straight actionable tips to help you hack your emotions.


We would recommend bookmarking this article. Give it a visit whenever you are about to embark on one of those daunting salary negotiation ventures. Talking money can get anyone a bit flustered, this article would be a gentle reminder that helps set all your thoughts in order to get the best outcomes. Good luck!


From “Yay days” to 5 stars catering and even swings. These 10 companies make it impossible for you not to want to work there. Read about what today’s work perks look like and how accommodating your workplace can get!


Apparently, not only us were enthusiastic to interview our CMO, readers were highly interested to learn from his work hacks he efficiently used throughout his 30-year-old career. Want to meet with the man behind the marketing team in WUZZUF? Here’s a sneak peak!


 We are a country that cherishes football, so it made sense that an article about the CAF would be on this list. What was surprising though is how accurate this field sport was able to mirror major aspects of a normal workplace environment.


A good movie and some popcorn are how you should spend a weekend sometimes. This article combines a list of movies that discuss the dynamics of the work life…just in case you miss work on a Friday night, maybe. Check out the article here.


 We are glad this one made the list, this would be our farewell letter to you all!  “Don’t procrastinate” is often easier said than done but this article is truly the only fighting tool you need in your arsenal when it comes to this noble goal of “procrastination vs the people”.

Share with us your favorite in the comments section and stay tuned for more throughout 2020. Ready for the new decade?



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