Following the COVID-19 financial impact on all of us, employers are looking forward to increasing efficiency and profitability at their workplaces. Companies have been struggling to maintain the same workflow with virtual tools, meetings, and processes. It’s difficult but manageable, things have been up and down, but some main takeaways from these past 6 months are worth looking into. 

To successfully run an organization, this can require a lot, but it can boil down to efficiency. A Lot can be done to accomplish this, let’s break down some ideas that can help drive this successfully. 

First, having an engaged workforce is the key to surviving this, maintaining regular follow-ups and providing constructive feedback to ensure that your employees are efficient in what they do and most importantly, satisfied with what they do. Second, hiring the right talents, which has been and will always be one of the main factors of a thriving organization. Third, one of the workarounds to the tight financial challenges, hiring experienced part-timers or freelancers to reduce workload has proved to work wonders. Last but not at all least, hiring interns to get fresh new ideas and boost productivity.

Internship Programs Work! And Well!

Business recruiters are all now well aware of the importance of internship programs and how they can benefit their businesses; hiring interns is the best way to evaluate their potential as future employees, employers can easily discover qualified talents from the interns they hire without going through loads of resumes or interviews. 

This is where WUZZUF Internships Program for Employers comes in handy, companies from startups to multinationals will be able to get extensive exposure to hire and spot high-potential interns, all without worrying about their recruiting budget (free of charge).

We’re happy to report that for the fifth year in a row, WUZZUF Internships Program is back in action supporting more companies and startups to find their best-fit interns.

With more numbers increasing year over year, we now have 1,248 companies hiring interns, more than 6,000 internships opportunities, whopping 207,227 applicants, and 30,933 vacancies.

You will be able to hire high potential interns smarter and faster, all you have to do is open your dashboard and click the green button to post a new internship then use our pre-screening questions or modify them to identify the best applicants.

Check this link for more details: WUZZUF Internships for Employers

Why should you do this? 

At the end of the day, you want what’s best for you and your people. Some examples of why internship programs help companies grow are:

  • Work productivity: Your interns will make real contributions to productivity and reduce workload. A way of doing this is to transfer some of the simpler tasks to interns since they are eager to learn, ready to work, and want the chance to prove their qualifications to get hired at your company. This will also give your current employees some time to work on bigger and more demanding projects.
  • Branding: Internships will increase your brand recognition and exposure among job seekers. If your company impresses some interns, this will quickly spread the word around and you’ll find that the fresh graduates are willing and excited to work with you. 
  • New Blood: Interns can bring out fresh new ideas. When you involve highly motivated and energetic interns in your brainstorming sessions, they may be able to solve some issues related to your business and come up with new things you never imagined. An outsider’s eye will always bring in new perspectives. 
  • Engaged Workforce: An internship program provides an opportunity for your current employees to enhance their leadership and people management skills when they mentor and supervise interns. This can also be a great training opportunity for an employee who has the potential to get promoted. 

When posting an internship, consider the following to ensure the best experience for your company: you should ideally target interns who are less than 23 years old, your post must contain clear tasks, responsibilities, duration, and finally, try to avoid using a confidential cover for your name. Remember, this is an amazing opportunity to brand your company and your people, utilize it.

How Will Interns Find Your Internship Opportunity?

Just like a job, interns will apply on our website to be considered in your internship opportunity. Their WUZZUF profiles will be shared with you and you’ll get the visibility over their education and their extra-curricular experience if any. 

We have a dedicated page for interns looking for new opportunities. As long as your new post is tagged as an internship, it’ll be featured in our Internship page and easily visible to any new visitor looking for the next internship to apply to. 

It’s A Win-win Situation!

Applying for internships lets the interns learn new skills, gain valuable on-hands working experience, and expose them to the workplace and its dynamics. It also helps students improve their interpersonal skills, polish their professional growth and experience, and make them more competitive in the job market. All is well, definitely, who wouldn’t want that for the new generation of future graduates. 

Finally, if the intern showed interest in the daily operations, demonstrated proficiency, and learned various tasks easily, then they may get a potential job offer. This will ultimately lead to a win-win situation for you and your interns. If you have any questions, your dedicated Account Manager and Recruitment Consultant would be more than happy to answer them. You know where to find us. 


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