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5-min. Books: The Power of Habit

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Does your hand automatically reach for your phone on your bedside as soon as you wake up? Do you think about how to create a knot while tying your shoelaces or has it become such a natural process that you don’t even think about its steps These actions have become unconscious sequences that we do not perform deliberately; or to put a label on them: habits. You know what you’re doing, but you do not consciously choose to initiate the action. A habit happens actually half of the time you are awake, while you are performing automatic behaviors.

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Here’s what you Missed at Quora Meetup

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On Sunday, the 24th of June, WUZZUF partnered with Quora to hold the second Quora meetup in Egypt. With 50+ attendees, the event was very successful in establishing nine Quora circles in different fields; namely, Business and Career, Start-ups, Engineering and Programming, Philosophy, Learning and Teaching, Literature and Languages, and Psychology and Relationships

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How to get 60 days off in 2018 using 14 days of annual leave

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Have you been stressing out about all the work you have this year? That’s understandable, but you shouldn’t forget that you can take breaks and vacations from work here and there to make your upcoming year less exhausting and more productive. We did the research so you don’t have to. Use our bulletproof month-by-month vacation guide to hack the most convenient vacation bridges in 2018.

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