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5-min. Books: The Power of Habit

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Does your hand automatically reach for your phone on your bedside as soon as you wake up? Do you think about how to create a knot while tying your shoelaces or has it become such a natural process that you don’t even think about its steps These actions have become unconscious sequences that we do not perform deliberately; or to put a label on them: habits. You know what you’re doing, but you do not consciously choose to initiate the action. A habit happens actually half of the time you are awake, while you are performing automatic behaviors.

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Long Time No Sea? Prepare for your vacation with this checklist

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It’s that time of the year again where the entirety of Cairo is on vacation, and you’re probably dying to take a long weekend off. As fun as it sounds to leave everything behind and just go, adulting is all about being accountable for your actions; so before you pack your swimming suit and sunscreen, here are several things you need to do at the office first.

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