Recruiting Women in Technology

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Only 25% of the technology industry is made up of women. Reports of women in technology include stories of gender bias, unequal pay, and limited opportunities. Studies show a direct correlation between more women in leadership and 41% higher returns on equity as well as 56% better-operating results. Despite these studies, the tech industry remains behind when it comes to finding, hiring, and retaining women.

Companies should be interested in diversifying their work pools and benefiting from the talents and results that women can bring to the workforce.

Here are some tips to help you recruit and retain women for your open tech positions.

‘Normalize’ technology as a career path for women

The first part of solving the gender-diversity problem is to “normalize” technology as a career path for women. Part of the way cultures can normalize this is to start encouraging young women who are curious about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers.

Many companies who are actively trying to diversify their workplace offer STEM scholarships and internships to women.

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Provide equal pay for equal work

While it should be standard, it needs to be re-emphasized: Employers should always pay men and women equally for the same types of roles. Take a look at your payroll. What is most standard for the role you are hiring? Use this information to implement equal pay in your workplace. reports that women software developers, on average, make 4% less pay than their male counterparts. The study also shows that, in the workforce, men make up 89% of employed software developers.

By providing equal pay for women, you can better your chances of recruiting more qualified women in tech.

Offer flexibility

The modern workplace is becoming more digital. This means people can now work from any place where there is a WiFi connection—even while lounging on the sea!

Flexibility is one of the most important things for today’s worker. Men and women alike are looking for more flexible work options to balance their roles at home and in the office. Furthermore, offering flexible work hours and remote work options can spark female employees’ interest in a job and increase their desire to stay long-term.

If your office embraces flexibility, you should emphasize that in your job posts and recruiting information.

Change your job description

Recruiting and retaining women in tech is a challenge. Any company that wants to hire more women must check its job listings. If you are noticing women aren’t applying, it probably means that job ads need to be changed. For example, if your job post features images of candidates, you should make sure that in some of those prominent images you feature women.

Unitive and Textio software companies have built text checkers on job posts that screen for words likely to prevent a candidate from applying for a role. In their findings, they saw that terms like “aggressive”, “assertive”, and “competitive” actually deterred women from applying for tech openings. Moreover, using terms like “adaptable”, “dependable”, and “resilient” increased women’s applications. 

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Finally, it’s important to note that hiring more women shouldn’t be just for PR’s sake. Studies show the Fortune 500 companies that had at least three women board directors for at least five years outperformed those with zero women board of directors. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Women Rule!

Looking for the best candidates for your tech job opening? Visit WUZZUF and start hiring now.

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Tough Calls: Should You Hire Your Intern?

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As summer comes to an end, so do many internships. As a manager, you may be asking yourself, “should I hire my intern full-time?

While there are many business factors to consider, such as budget and capacity, you should also be seriously considering whether any of your summer interns has potential to become an official, valuable part of your team.

Here are some things to consider when evaluating whether you should hire your intern:

Has your intern adapted to workplace culture and norms?

According to a recent survey, 68% of millennials have held or expect to hold between one to four jobs or internships prior to graduating college.

One great way to gauge interns’ readiness to transition to full-time members of the team is to sit down with them, prior to offering the position, and ask them what they learned from their time interning with you as well as what they can bring to the table with more responsibility.

This means that by the time candidates enter your organization, they will have some experience and understanding of the skills and norms that are expected in a professional working environment. These skills could include charisma and presentation abilities, ambition, confidence and strong communication. These skills are essential to becoming a productive team member in any organization.

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It takes time for an intern to smoothly integrate into a new environment. It is important to give your interns time to learn. However, it is also important for an intern to respond well to feedback. How well interns respond to criticism can be an indicator of how well they will adapt to a full-time position.

Is your intern career-oriented?

hire interns

Internships give an intern a glimpse into the essential skills needed to grow within a company. If you are considering hiring your intern full-time you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Has the intern demonstrated proficiency in the essential skills this position requires?
  • Has the candidate expressed interest in taking on additional responsibilities?
  • Does the candidate treat the internship as a career opportunity?
  • Is the intern eager to be part of more projects?
  • Has he or she completed tasks given in a timely manner?

If the answer to all the above is “yes,” you may have just found a great new employee!

Internships: the wisest business investment

The above survey highlights that millennials realize having prior work experience is crucial to landing a job.

Reflect on the interns that may be leaving your business soon to return to school or other positions. Realize the important role you have played in providing the future of our workforce with opportunities to learn, grow and become productive workers.

Remember, the investments you make in your interns today will be returned to you if you decide to hire them. As we say at WUZZUF, you are building tomorrow’s workforce, today!

Finally, before making the final decision to hire your interns full-time, consider their performance throughout their time with you and the overall value they will provide in the long run.

To look for your next outstanding intern, post your internship opportunity on WUZZUF here

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money should you pay your interns?

Tough Call: Should you pay your Interns?

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It’s still a controversial matter in some countries whether to pay interns you employ in your company or not, for example, it wasn’t until this month that the European Parlimant officially banned unpaid internships in a historic decision. But according to the Egyptian labor law, it falls upon the employers to choose whether they want to compensate the interns or not. So if it depends on you as an employer, here is what you should consider if you are paying or not paying your interns.

Being a current intern at WUZZUF, I am fortunate to be a part of a continually-evolving company that provides to its employees enough space to feel at home; yet at the same time creates a professional environment that urges them to learn and develop. WUZZUF also offers compensation for its interns so that they could feel more integrated as part of the company.

How does compensation add to your intern’s experience?

money should you pay your interns?

Most university students look for opportunities to experience real work, which is a good reason for them to try and find an internship. Between university fees and personal expenses, they usually cannot afford to spend time and effort interning somewhere without getting compensation in return. When companies offer a salary, it motivates interns to work devotedly and produce fine quality results since they felt more appreciated and integrated into the work environment.

A good internship experience can turn into a low-cost employer branding campaign for your company. Why not pay your intern when he/she acts as your ambassador?


I talked to Moaaz Soliman, our Outreach & Partnerships Specialist. He first joined WUZZUF as a social media intern, then he joined the partnerships team. “WUZZUF’s challenging environment allowed me to grow and explore my potentials and move to the partnerships team. Being an intern in a leading company gave me the experience you only grasp at a real workplace environment.”, Moaaz explains how this internship was crucial to his career.

On the topic of getting paid and appreciated during his internship, Moaaz shares: “When I see how my effort is appreciated, I get motivated to do more.”

When I see how my effort is appreciated, I get motivated to do more.Click To Tweet

Is it okay not to pay in some cases?

In very particular situations it can be acceptable not to pay the intern since the compensation could be in a non-monetary form.

Numerous corporates in Egypt organize annual summer internship programs. These programs are designed to hire one or more interns after training. Such programs usually offer an exceptional experience that applicants look forward to. Given the valuable experience, the program itself is an enough of a compensation to the interns. At the end of the internship, the participant would have acquired the desired understanding of their career interests. It is reasonable for employers not to pay the participant interns and avoid spending a big budget on pay. But nevertheless, I strongly urge employers out there to compensate their interns.

It also differs depending on the nature of the work. Critical work that requires long, fixed hours somewhat equates interns with regular employees; so naturally, it would be more righteous to pay them for the effort, as opposed to less demanding work.

So, Should you pay your interns?

Ideally, yes, given that it results in the most satisfactory outcome for the company and the interns, even if it’s a minimal pay, covering their transportation and lunch breaks. Realistically, in some cases, it might be acceptable, but we do not recommend it.

Don’t underestimate the power of financial compensation to the intern.Click To Tweet

It all falls upon your strategy as an employer, what kind of work you get from your interns and what you will provide in return. Don’t underestimate the power of financial compensation to the intern. Think twice before you take the decision!

WUZZUF Gedeed: What’s new for the professionals?

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On the 5th of May, 2018. We finally launched the new WUZZUF in our product launch event: WUZZUF Unlock’18.  Among the stunning talks and activities, we celebrated the new release, unlocking all the cool features we added and the updates we incorporated for a better experience for our users; professionals and employers.

What changed?

We changed!

WUZZUF new design is not just a face-lift and more colors. It’s a change of who we are, and how we think you – our beloved users – deserve. Up till this moment, the WUZZUF you knew was a job platform, the leading job platform in Egypt actually. Your destination to search for jobs and grow your career. But now, WUZZUF is starting a new era and transforming into a career destination; offering various career opportunities beyond job hunting. After years of research and analysis, we have developed what professionals and employers exactly need. Listening to your feedback and ideas all the way helped us not only to grow but also to evolve.

WUZZUF new design is not just a face-lift and more colors. It’s a change of who we are, and how we think you - our beloved users - deserve. Click To Tweet

Mobile friendly sleek design

say hello to the new wuzzufWe know how hard it is to fill your profile on a career website, we know how much you are busy and how important it is to save your precious time and give you the best experience you can get. With a mobile-friendly design and a modern-sleek design, you can complete your profile, apply for jobs and other career opportunities, and track your applications easier and more conveniently.

WUZZUF is starting a new era and transforming into a career destination; offering various career opportunities beyond job hunting.Click To Tweet

Explore feed

Previously on the old WUZZUF, you would find the latest suggested jobs on your dashboard, but now you will have an “Explore” feed of career opportunities tailored to your career level and interests. Remember, WUZZUF is not only a job destination, but it is also a career destination. You will always find something relative to your career interests happening, whether it is a job, meetup, a session, a workshop…. you name it. Also, you can save a card, -and see your saved cards on “Saved” tab- hide an irrelevant card and share an opportunity with whomever you want. And if that’s not enough. Well, we have one more new amazing feature for you!

Now, companies can “invite you to apply” for certain jobs when they see your profile fits their criteria, which increases your opportunity to get hired since the company itself sent you the invitation. When you get invited, you will get a nifty card on top of your feed giving you the choice to accept or decline the invitation. A long requested feature is here!

Now you will have an 'Explore' feed of career opportunities tailored to your career level and interests.Click To Tweet

More of an online resume than a profile

We always encourage professionals to complete their profiles so they can present themselves and their capabilities and skills in the best way possible. Hence employers can find them easily. With the new profile design, your profile is more showing than talking who you are. You can use your WUZZUF profile now as an online resume, especially that you can make it public, so even people outside WUZZUF can find it and check your profile.

And even if you are not currently looking for a job, you can always switch its privacy into closed (searchable for employers only) or even private. It’s better to go update your profile so you can make use of your new online resume.

With the new profile design, your profile is more showing than talking who you are. You can use your WUZZUF profile now as an online resumeClick To Tweet

Faster, easier sign up

The profile creation flow in the new release is a complete re-design of the old, long process we used to have. Now, the new flow helps you fill what’s essential, focusing more on your skills and experience that you need to highlight to stand out. Along with your personal career interests and work experience you are able to complete your profile faster, and in a way that helps you get better, smarter and tailored to your needs career opportunities.

So don’t waste more time and go to and update your profile -or create one if you don’t have- and let us know what you think!

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Screening Questions: What, Why, & How?

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Did you know that answering Screening Questions increases your chances of having your job applications viewed? And that’s merely one of the reasons why they are an important part of applying for jobs on WUZZUF.

One of the features that we offer companies on WUZZUF is the ability to add a number of customizable questions to a job post for applicants to answer. These are called Screening Questions, and we’re going to discuss why you should answer them and how to best do it.

So what are Screening Questions?

When you apply for a job on WUZZUF, you can get redirected to a page that looks like this with the heading “The hiring team at [Company x] also requires that you answer the below questions.”

Apply for Social Media Specialist at Digital Cloud (1) screening questions WUZZUF

These are the Screening Questions. The hiring company can ask any questions about info that doesn’t appear on your profile or CV, like “What makes you the best candidates for this job?”

The company could ask a question that’s specific to the technicalities of the posted vacancy. For example, if you’re applying for a vacancy of a digital marketer, you can find a question asking about brands you like and what made them your favorite.

Another common request is a sample of your work, especially if you’re in the creative field (writing, design, etc.). Because the company wants to know about you as much as they can before making a decision regarding your application, asking for a sample gives them a great idea of what your work is actually like.

Why should you answer Screening Questions?

So why are Screening Questions important? There are a couple of reasons why they’re important and hence why you should definitely answer them.

  • “To get over a mountain, you have to climb it.” — Unknown

Answering Screening Questions increases your Matching Score. Applicants for a job on WUZZUF are ranked according to their Matching Score, and therefore the ones with the highest scores are placed at the top of the list and have the highest chances of having their applications viewed.

Using Screening Questions, companies inquire about info they otherwise can’t know without actually sitting in an interview with you. Due to the complicated logistics of hiring (the time it takes, the number of applicants a job has, the required human resources, etc.), interviewing all candidate with seemingly fitting profiles is not possible. That’s why Screening Questions are a great tool because they give you a chance to talk more about yourself and fill in any details the company wants to know about you before it decides on an interview.

Answering Screening Questions is a great way to let companies know more about you. #ScreeningQuestionsClick To Tweet

  • “Go the extra mile and you will stand out from the crowd.” — Robin Crow

Screening Questions are the first thing the company sees in your application. Use this chance to impress the company with the effort you put into answering the questions. The company you want to join took the time to ask the questions that matter to the job and that makes answering them important. So respond in kind. Do go the extra mile and take the time to answer well and show your commitment. Use the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

How answered vs. unanswered Screening Questions look in your application

How answered vs. unanswered Screening Questions look in your application.

How to answer Screening Questions

So now that you’re going to answer the Screening Questions, how should you do it?

A good point to keep in mind is that Screening Questions are a great chance to get the person doing the screening hooked. The position of the questions means that if your answers are not good, there’s a good chance they won’t go over the rest of your application and just move on to the next one. If they do check it out, it will already have left an unpleasant impression of you.

So here are some pointers on how to provide great answers to these questions.

  • Avoid clichés

Even when the question is one of the most common ones like “What makes you the best candidate for this job?” the company is still looking for a unique answer. Never copy and paste an answer from somewhere, even if it was another application of yours.

Never copy and paste an answer from somewhere, even if it was another application of yours. #ScreeningQuestionsClick To Tweet

It helps to thoroughly read the job description, requirements, and the questions themselves before answering because only then can you focus on your strengths that are directly related to the job.

You should also be unique and true to yourself. This is the only way the company gets to know you really well.

  • Be concise

The hiring company is busy so having someone go through all the applications on a job post would be hectic. Our research shows that someone hiring on WUZZUF spends only an average of seven seconds looking at any one application. This means they won’t read long answers, at least not fully. So be concise, get to the point, and cut the fluff. But do cover the point(s) the question is inquiring about thoroughly.

not concise Screening Questions


  • Play the game

In its core, getting a job is a barter deal. You give the company your skills and experience and in exchange you get a position, benefits, and career progress. It’s a two-way street, but if it were this straightforward, true professionals would be equated with the rest. So you have to play the game. Don’t assume just because that someone is hiring that they’re going to accept anyone. Put the effort in and pull out all the stops.

Screening Questions too direct no elaboration

Too direct with no elaboration

Don’t go overboard though. Never beg for the job in your answers. No matter how badly you need the job, don’t let it show. Don’t add your personal info (phone number or email) in your answers either. All of this will make the company undervalue you, so even if you did end up getting hired, you probably wouldn’t be getting your true worth.

  • Review your answers

Nothing leaves a worse impression than a good answer full of typos. Go over your answers when you’re done writing. Never submit an application without checking for those pesky, little errors that usually skip our attention. Make sure you’re using good grammar and punctuation. This is even more important if you’re applying for a job where excellent writing skills are a requirement. Use a tool like Grammarly for better results.

Full of linguistic errors

Here are more examples of bad answers to Screening Questions that are sure to kill your chance at getting the job you want:

irrelevant Screening Questions

Off topic

By following the tips above, you can get an answer that looks something like this:

Bottom line: Take your time when answering Screening Questions. They are what will get your foot in the door.

Have you ever encountered any Screening Questions you didn’t know how to answer? Let us know in the comments below so we can give you some tips.

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