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“Explore” how WUZZUF home page can boost your career!

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If you recently went on WUZZUF to search and apply for jobs, then you have probably taken a couple of seconds to make sure that you’re on the right website because it looks different than what you last remember. WUZZUF has just undergone a cool and refined revamp, that aims to take you beyond just looking for a job but to also offer a multitude of career opportunities tailored to your needs!

It started with our Unlock’18 event last May, introducing the new product – #WUZZUFGedeed. It’s not just about the new look, it’s a new philosophy WUZZUF is undertaking to continue on being your leading career destination, providing you with the ultimate experience of job hunting and career growth.

For starters, all you need to do to is to sign in on wuzzuf.net to feel the cool breeze of your new home page, which incorporates three tabs: Explore, Saved, Applications.

eplore wuzzuf new home page

With a sleek, visually-pleasing yet professional look, the home page is now your new home. Your go-to place to when you need to search and apply for career opportunities specifically chosen for you. Your optimum guide through the job market. The three tabs complement each other to represent the professional you on screen. So let’s take it one tab at a time:

Keep Scrolling

The Explore feed offers a continuous stream of jobs and career opportunities that match your career interests; so the more accurate and updated your profile is, the more personal and tailored the recommendations get. Your homepage is not limited to a number of pages through which you can look for the most suitable opportunity you can apply to, but the flow goes on and on. The further you scroll, the more opportunities you can…Explore.

old dashboard to new homepageEach job opportunity on the Explore feed is described briefly, giving you enough information to interest you. Either explore its details or you “hide” it if it’s not the right fit for you. By clicking on hiding the recommendation, you choose why it is not suitable for you. This way you enhance your feed to be better accustomed to your interests in the future.

Between different job vacancies, you will find WUZZUF recommending career opportunities such as Internships, Blog, Meetups, Coaches, briefly explaining each one of them. These opportunities provide you with the optimum experience aiming to help build and grow your career.

Check this out!

If you think an opportunity is worth sharing with others would benefit from it, click on the Share button below each opportunity to spread the word on different social media platforms.

Get back to it later

Sometimes you might apply to a relevant opportunity, without being completely prepared for its screening questions or your profile information is outdated. You surely don’t want to miss out on it. The solution here is not to apply to everything you come across; on the contrary, you should make sure that you specifically select the opportunities you believe fit you the most.

This is what the Saved tab is designated to perform: help you make better application choices. While going through your Explore feed, Save the opportunities you are interested in. Then at a later time when you’re at the peak of your focus, go to the Saved tab and filter out the applications that are not suitable or that you rushed the decision of saving, and complete the draft applications that highly match your career skills and experience.

explore + save old dashboard to new homepageTrack your WUZZUF applications

The third tab “Applications” is all about overseeing the application process, and knowing whether the employer has viewed your application or not. If so, whether your application is shortlisted, rejected or your contact information has been accessed for each job you applied to. If the employer did not yet view your application and the vacancy is still open, you can choose to modify your answers or withdraw your application. Through WUZZUF, you’re in the picture. You don’t just send an application and hope for the best. Knowing how your application is dealt with could give you insight on knowing how employers think and operate.

These three tabs work together to create a very personalized homepage experience that meets your interests and present career opportunities. That is why it is essential that you regularly update your profile and make sure that it is as accurate as possible, as this boosts your profile strength meter and increases your chances of having your profile being viewed by employers. WUZZUF will continuously remind you to update your profile through the “update profile” card present on the top right corner of your Explore feed, increasing your profile strength every time you do, and presenting you with insight on how many employers have checked your profile out during the past period.

The only thing that is constant is change. And we’re constantly changing, to fit your needs.

Why you SHOULD: apply for an internship this summer

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It is quite intimidating to conquer the business world when you barely have any experience. But there is no better way to overcome this fear than facing it. If you still think that you are not ready to start a full-time job yet, summer is full of internship opportunities. So pick yourself one, because an internship is totally worth your time.

Not convinced yet? Keep reading, and we will give five reasons why an internship is an experience you will never regret.

Be an experienced fresh graduate

As you hit your twenties, you realize that you have no time to waste and every single day counts. Don’t start from scratch after graduation. With an internship, you can be steps ahead in your career before your graduation. If you think you have lower chances of getting a full-time job as a fresh grad or undergrad student, then an internship is the option that fits you perfectly. Bear in mind that more than 70% of applicants on our WUZZUF Internship Program passed the screening phase and got interviews for the internship vacancies they applied for.

Grow in a real work environment

Although I haven’t been an intern, it was intimidating to face the real work environment with no prior experience. If you feel the same way, the only thing that can cut the fearful train of thoughts is to face that fear and be in a real workplace. Learning from a real-life experience while being an intern helps you deal with everyday challenges. Also, it is a plus to be an intern when you first get in touch with the real world. Everyone knows you are here to learn so they won’t expect too much of you, and it is your job to impress them, not the other way around. Along with the technical experience you gain, you start to develop your soft skills. Your internship experience will help to be more aware of your potential and to identify your weakness and strengths so you can improve yourself later.

Remember most of the interview questions are about your leadership and communication skills, and problem-solving abilities. These skills we don’t learn at school, but they matter for your professional success.

Increase your chances to a full-time job

Salsabeel Amr- Marketing Intelligence Specialist at WUZZUF

“My internship experience helped me put my passions to the test” -Salsabeel Amr

An internship is not only a chance to learn, but you also have a great chance to get a job out of it.  In fact, over 45% of the interns of WUZZUF Internship Program, were offered a full-time job by the end of their internships. The internship-providing institution trained you in the first place because they are basically looking for passionate, creative wizards. Even if this institution didn’t offer you a job, you are not the green student anymore.

Salsabeel Amr, who started her internship at WUZZUF in 2016, is now a full-time Marketing Intelligence Specialist. Speaking about her internship experience,”at first, my motivation was to invest in time and learn something new.” She adds,”I never imagined that I would gain all these experiences in such a short time. I never wanted my internship to end, and I was lucky I continued in a full-time position”. At a startup, like WUZZUF, Salsabeel got the chance to learn new things and grow in her career. “In a student activity, you may develop your soft skills, but in a workplace, you learn to do things professionally.”

In a student activity, you may develop your soft skills, but in a workplace, you learn to do things professionallyClick To Tweet

Make proven career decisions

You would never know what you want to do in your professional life unless you try yourself. Yet, you don’t want to waste years after graduation to find your passion, while you can start now. Even if you don’t know where to start now, you can search by the field or industry, i.e., media, engineering, software development or others, and check the available vacancies. During your internship, you will identify the areas of interest and job roles you are passionate about.

One real-life example is Salsabeel Amr’s story. Salsabeel originally planned to do postgraduate studies. However, after she started her internship at WUZZUF, she discovered her passion for different marketing roles and decided to move forward in her marketing career and do her postgraduate studies based on her professional choices.

Internship makes you a better learner

If you think that you may not be able to balance between your academic and work commitments, worry no more. Actually, an internship will help you to learn in action and achieve better in your academic assignments, especially field assignments. For instance, if you started an internship in the public relations and advertising industry, you would learn what it takes to launch a successful campaign and how to handle last-minute pre-event problems, that your university projects will be a piece of cake!  

If you are thrilled to start an internship, WUZZUF is where you can find best opportunities. Don’t let the summer pass before you seize the right opportunity.