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Office Drama: How to handle stress at work once and for all

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It’s natural for us to ignore mental health issues we cannot see, and stress at work is no exception. However, it’s exactly the intangibility of stress that makes it crucial for us to recognize and address it.

Work-related stress is “negatively related to performance,” according to a research paper titled Job Stress and Its Impact on Employees’ Performance. The authors of the paper found that the higher the stress, the lower the performance. That’s why you have to identify workplace stress and learn how to manage it effectively for optimum results and better well-being.

Here is our comprehensive stress-management action plan for work-related stress.

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Office Drama: How to handle an appraisal gone badly

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Life is not always as we want it, especially the professional side of it. We all have our ups and downs, and we are not machines to perform at our best all the time. You are probably reading this article as you approach your quarter review or appraisal meeting. This article is to help you know how to handle the situation in which you hit rock bottom with a bad appraisal.

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