Job-hunting even in Ramadan? Absolutely!

We’re already more than halfway through Ramadan and we want to check in on how your job search is going. Is fasting taking a toll on it? How are you juggling work, Iftars with friends and family, and late night sohours?

While we are encouraged to go about our days without slowing down because of fasting, well, we don’t usually end up being as productive and proactive as we normally are. I call it “Fasting and Resting.” And I’ve come to notice a problematic behavior that usually happens during this time.

I’m talking of course about that state of inactivity your job search hits during Ramadan.

We here at WUZZUF think this happens because of a common misconception that HR professionals, recruiters, and hiring managers stop looking for people to hire during Ramadan.

We don’t know exactly why this misconception exists in the first place, but if it’s ever crossed your mind, let us clarify the facts right now.

Hiring-wise, Ramadan is just another month of the year. There is really nothing special about it, except fewer working hours maybe,  when it comes to recruitment, whether you’re job-hunting or head-hunting.

A change is NOT in the air

Again we’re not sure why, but many are under the impression that applying for jobs during Ramadan is futile and that there most probably won’t be any kind of response from companies until after Ramadan is over. This is what can create an overall feeling of the “no-jobs Ramadan.”

Um, actually, our data shows that the number of job posts and average companies’ activities during Ramadan are exactly the same as in any other month of the year. This is a clear indication that it’s business as usual on the companies’ end of the equation.

Come to think of it, during Ramadan/May of 2018, WUZZUF witnessed nearly 20,000 vacancies posted, with a near 5% increase from the month of April 2018. In 2019, even though  Ramadan/May is not over yet, the number of job postings are not slowing down in 2019 either, with almost 21,000 vacancies since Mid of April. What does that mean? It means nothing is slowing down because of Ramadan and that’s why you shouldn’t either.

Fewer applications = less competition

Now that this misunderstanding has been cleared up, let’s point out something that can be easily overlooked.

With a drop of 12% in the average number of applications per job during Ramadan, a rare opportunity presents itself. You might think that 12% is nothing, but that amounts up to 50,000 fewer applications on average in Ramadan alone. That’s something!

Think about it. If that many people decide to take some time off from applying for jobs, this can only mean one thing for you; less competition, hence higher chances of getting viewed, interviewed, and yes, hopefully, hired. So don’t let that opportunity pass you by.

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Rekindle your old friendship flames in Ramadan

Ramadan has always been marked as the month of gatherings and Iftar with friends that you haven’t seen in a while. But why is that relevant?

Because a savvy professional knows that any setting can be a networking one if used properly.

An old work colleague who has moved on to a new job or a not-so-old college friend who leads a different life now can be a really good chance for you to either know about a job opening at their company or get introduced to a new potential addition to your network. Either way, this can only add to you.

And, yes, hanging out with your family counts as networking too. So when your uncle asks you to come to have Iftar with him and his health club friends, you probably shouldn’t say no. I’m kidding. Don’t go!

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Stepping up to the mark

If your CV is updated and WUZZUF Profile is on point, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and apply now.

If they’re not, then start by getting them in shape first. And if you need any help in finding that edge that’ll make your CV and WUZZUF profile as outstanding as they can be, you can always get in touch with WUZZUF Coaches and get your profile and CV professionally reviewed.

And in preparation for the next phase, try to take some time to learn the best practices for answering tough screening questions, acing phone interviews, and blowing away your interviewer. WUZZUF Coaches can also get your ready for all of the above.

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Some old, some gold

To sum up, with nothing out of the ordinary on the companies’ side and a golden opportunity on yours, now is the perfect time to go after that job you’ve wanted for a while. So, by all means, go for it.

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